It is not for nothing that whiskey gets its English name from the Irish Gaelic meaning ‘the breath of life’ (Uisce beatha). Whiskey lovers would find that entirely appropriate. For them, whiskey in all its forms boasts a complexity that mirrors that of existence itself.

Poetic perhaps, but there are few whiskey aficionados who are not entranced by its depths of flavor and the images of rolling Irish grasslands, nights at the local pub in front of a roaring fire, serenaded by the local piper. Or jagged Scottish mountains, quietly rippling lochs, the sound of the bagpipes in the morning, and a bracing afternoon sea breeze.

Whiskey has also been the foundation of some of the most famous cocktails. Noteworthies include the Rob Roy, the Whiskey Sour, and the Sazerac. There are many more.

For those who are interested in crafting that perfect whiskey-based cocktail, a cocktail kit simply enhances the experience – making it easier to get those proportions right and making the process more fun for those mixing – and guests.

Those in search of the best whiskey cocktail kit or whiskey subscription box might find that those below meet the needs and tastes of even the most devoted and passionate whiskey lover.

1. The Blue Moon Cocktail Collection

The first of the kits is The Blue Moon Cocktail Collection is available from the Whiskey Exchange. It contains all the ingredients that are required to craft the Perfect Blue Moon.

This whiskey-based cocktail is a delight and the kit comes with a bottle of the acclaimed Johnnie Walker Blue Label, classic Barbadillo Oloroso San Rafael, and the delicious ‘Off The Cuffe Chocolate Factory’ Irish Bitters. You’ll also receive a crystal tumbler from Johnny Walker. You’ll have to order from the UK and pay postage but it’s worth every cent of the £170 (about $190 at the time of writing). – Visit The Whiskey Exchange

2. Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker

The second choice for the whiskey lover is the ‘Smoke Top Cocktail Smoker Kit’ available from ‘Aged and Charred’. This is a kit that will enliven any gathering or provide an extra dimension to a favorite Scottish or Irish whiskey. It consists of a butane burner and torch, an oak cocktail Smoke Lid (which fits over a tumbler), and wood chips.

Simply place the lid, with chips over the glass and lightly sear to infuse your favorite whiskey with a smoky and woody flavor. Everything is supplied in an attractive gift box – making it perfect for the whiskey lover in your life (or as a way of simply spoiling yourself). – Visit Aged & Charred

3. Flaviar Whiskey Subscription

The third is a subscription box, a method of sampling some of the most appealing whiskeys that are today available. Consistently high scoring with consumers is the Flaviar Whiskey subscription. You can opt for boxes that contain full-sized bottles or tasting boxes (three 50-milliliter bottles each). Visit Flaviar Whiskey Subscription

This is the perfect way to enjoy whiskeys of exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Each box is complete with taste and aroma guidelines. The subscriptions start at $159 per year (for two full-sized bottles) and $349 per annum for quarterly delivery.

4. The Craft Whisky Club

Fourth in line is another subscription box that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews – the ‘The Craft Whisky Club’s’ selection of limited edition, artisanal whiskeys from around the globe’. You’ll receive either one or two top-shelf whiskeys per month. A great addition to the boxes is the food pairing guide.

This is the subscription box for those who want to expand their whiskey horizons with exquisite offerings from lesser-known distilleries. You will be paying $49.50 per month for one bottle every two months. $89.50 Per month will get you two bottles every two months.

5. The Taster’s Club

Lastly, there is the subscription box from The Taster’s Club. This is the perfect subscription for those who want to explore the world of whiskey in more depth. The company does offer a variety of clubs, including wine and Bourbon, but for those who want the true Irish or Scottish experience, the Whiskey Club offers exceptional tastes and value.

You will receive one full-size bottle of whiskey each month sourced from award-winning distilleries. The offerings allow access to digital tasting notes and information about the origins of the whiskey and other interesting facts. You can expect to pay $275 for three months, $550 for six months, and $1,100 for a full year. That may seem pricey, but you are receiving the best of the best, including some rare gems.

Whiskey is one of the great pleasures in life – and for those who want to immerse themselves in either making a variety of whiskey-based cocktails or simply enjoy the many varied tastes of the tipple, there is ample opportunity. Choose from a cocktail kit or a subscription box – and enrich your life or the life of a special person with a taste for the finer things.

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