Italy is well known for its love of coffee, and the rules surrounding this incredible caffeinated wonder, meaning there’s no better location than the country’s capital Rome to get your coffee fix. In Rome, coffee comes hot, fast and strong, so if you’re looking for a luxury spot to enjoy a sip, you can be certain that the capital has plenty to offer. In order to help you find the very best spot for you, we’ve taken a look at five different factors: the coffee itself, the ambience of the coffee bar, the food on the menu, the service provided by the staff and the location. If you’re heading to one of these incredible spots, make sure to carry out an e111 card renewal before your trip to ensure that you are covered at all times, so no scolding coffee accident can ruin your trip. Without further ado, here are the 5 best coffee spots in Rome.


This popular spot is a hit with tourists and locals, and is in an ideal location for those looking for a quick stop off before, during or after shopping. Located facing Augustus’ Mausoleum, this modern dining venture is a great meeting point for young workers. With plenty of beautiful décor, and a fabulous atmosphere, this spot is the perfect location for a quick sip in the heart of the Rome shopping district. Looking for something a little different, yet equally delicious to try? Opt for the white chocolate cream espresso – a sweet treat that is certain to kick start your shopping spree.

Sciascia Caffe

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more relaxed than the bustling coffee bars in the main centre, then Sciascia Caffe is the perfect choice. While it boasts that it has been making the best coffee in Rome since 1919, it is the unique complexities of the coffees which are served here that really make the Caffe stand out from the crowd. Some of the coffee choices on offer include coffee with dark chocolate syrup, the addition of rum or Cointreau, whipped cream, or even one topped with strawberries. This artisan, retro style Caffe is the ideal stop-off option.


If you’re searching for a view with your coffee then Canova is the ideal choice. Located in one of the most impressive squares in all of Rome, Piazza del Popolo, this beautiful location offers top quality and glamour at all times. Impressive coffee means numerous individuals from all over the world visit this incredible bar, and the glamour is second-to-none here with a piano bar and internal garden. There’s also plenty of food to enjoy in this incredible location.

Stravinskij Bar at Hotel de Russie

Exclusive and contemporary, if you’re looking for high quality then the Stravinskij Bar located in the Hotel de Russie is the ideal location. Located in one of the best five hotels that Rome has to offer, and dating back to the 1800’s, this popular bar is not only a favourite with locals, but also with international celebrities, and truly is the place to be seen. With the likes of Brad Pitt having visited here, you can be certain that you will enjoy every moment at the Stravinskij.


Arguably a café that ticks all of the boxes, Rosati offers excellent coffee, coupled with traditional service, excellent food, and a feel of the 1920s with the décor. Also located in Piazza del Popolo (almost directly opposite Canova), it can be a tough call to determine where to take a seat. With blissful espresso, and colourful pastries, Rosati truly is one of the best in town.

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