Conferences to be held, especially tech conferences, are increasing in number each year. They are not only for making or strengthening a new bond with like-minded peers and promoting fellowship but also for giving access to novel concepts. For instance, you can look at the first FAI drone race, organized by Noosphere Ventures and Max Polyakov, as an example of the successful business.

Similarly, hundreds of other tech and IT conferences are held in Europe each year. This gives you an opportunity to find and attend the right ones that address your area of forte and your company’s budget. Attending even one of them is an exceptional opportunity for professional as well as personal development. Here are some of the best European conferences:

Infosecurity Europe

This one is the region’s most significant event dedicated to information security. It features the most comprehensive conference platform with more than 350 exhibitors revealing their creative security solutions to over 13,000 spectators.

In 2017, it featured several headlining speakers such as the former Director General of MI5 and Microsoft’s CISO. The conference conducted sessions on the newest research on risks and vulnerabilities and ways to protect IT systems against them and brief presentations on latest challenges.

IT Arena

This one is the largest tech event in the Eastern Europe (Ukraine). Launched as a three-day conference in English, it has managed to attract over 2,000 entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, and analysts each year. A few noteworthy speakers in the past included the representatives of Facebook, Google, Philips, Microsoft, and Samsung.

In 2017, it’s entirely focused on business, technology, and products. However, the main attraction is the post-event parties held daily for fantastic networking opportunities. The FutureLand Festival on the last day attracted over 3,000 spectators.

The FAI International Drones Conference

While this event was held for the first time in 2017, it was matchless for drone lovers! This three-day event was dedicated to drones and their safety and innovation. It attracted around 30 speakers from across the world for both competitive events and workshops. Some of the notable speakers were FAI’s President and Douglas Burnet of Aerial Sports League. Held within EPFL Drone days 2017, it is the only occasion to meet and discuss drones and their future with the industry leaders.

World Summit Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the platform for AI fans! The event offers distinct discussion as well as networking opportunities. This two-day conference unites the three key pillars of the AI system namely, Deep Tech, Startups and Investors, and Enterprise. Many top speakers have addressed this conference, such as the VP of IBM, Apple’s Director of AI Research, and Amazon’s Director of Machine Learning.


This Berlin-based, six-day conference is the top platform for consumer electronics. It is admired for providing an all-embracing overview of the global market and attracts more than 230,000 visitors. This is where all major retailers, experts, and buyers come together to showcase the latest products and creativity.


Regardless of updating yourself with the industry’s emerging trends or looking to increase your business network, there is a European conference for you. Just know which one is for you.

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