It’s no secret that going paperless is the way of the future. It brings a ton of benefits including reducing clutter, streamlining your life, and making it much easier to access important information at the click of a button.

To make the jump to going paperless, you’ll need a great document scanning software. Don’t worry! We’ve put together a summary of the best software for document scanning in 2020.

Why Purchase Document Scanning Software?

You may find yourself wondering why you need document scanning software in the first place. After all, your printer or scanner probably came with a software bundle.

The problem is that these “stock” programs are usually quite limited and won’t give you all the features you need to really get the most out of a paperless lifestyle.

Once you see what the following programs can do, you’ll understand how your current stock software is lacking.

Pro tip: Want to make going paperless super easy? Consider outsourcing the whole thing to a professional document scanning company. They’ll handle everything for you so you can focus on running your business!

Now, without further ado, here are some top choices for you to consider.

1. Abbyy FineReader

Abbyy FineReader is one of the best optical character reading (OCR) programs on the market today. It comes with a ton of extra features and is excellent for both personal and professional use.


  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Comes with both computer software and a mobile app
  • Features batch processing
  • Supports 192 different languages


  • Expensive for home users (prices start at $199/yr.)
  • Some features only available for corporate users

If you want a top-notch program that will handle all of your needs, this is a great solution.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Almost everyone is familiar with software behemoth Adobe. The DC program (which stands for document cloud) is a no-nonsense PDF solution. This program comes with a lot of advanced features and gives you the flexibility to do things like edit scanned documents, compare your documents side-by-side, and even sign them digitally.


  • Integrates with many programs including Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive
  • Extended security features including passwords and permissions
  • Fully capable mobile app


  • This software is fairly expensive (pricing starts at $179.88/yr.)
  • No OCR proofreading tools

Great software from a well-known software giant, this is an excellent option for those who can fit it into their budgets.

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3. PaperScan

If you’re on a budget, PaperScan is a great option. This free software is easy to use and it supports TWAIN and WIA devices. This means it works well with classic scanners, digital cameras, and video capture cards.

Need extra features like OCR, PDF compressions, and annotations? You can get these if you upgrade to the pro version for just $149.99.


  • Absolutely free!
  • Offers PDF encryption
  • Supports 30+ languages


  • Includes display ads
  • You’ll need to upgrade for extra functionality

More Tech Tips to Improve Your Life

Now that you’re up to date on all of the best document scanning software, you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of going paperless. Want to learn more about how to simplify your life with technology? Check out a few more of our blog posts!

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