There is a wide variety of mobile trading apps available on the market, but few solve the “all in one” problem.  Apps that provide news generally do not allow users to execute trades and vice versa.  With this in mind, there are several excellent trading applications that provide most of the tools you need to trade. If you combine a few of them, you will have everything you need to trade the markets while you are on the go. Here are the best trading apps.

The Best News Apps

At the top of the list are Bloomberg and CNBC. Both provide a wide variety of analytical tools in conjunction with real-time breaking news.  The CNBC app is focused on news that comes in video and written format. The app, has a live feed, which allows you to watch CNBC in real-time.  The list includes nearly every trading instrument and has an easy to use search facility that allows you to see every instrument you want to trade.  CNBC has premium content, which is heavy on video and analysis.  Their charting facilities are fair, with little ability to analyze a financial instrument.  If you need a news app that works in conjunction with your broker’s app, then CNBC is a very good choice.

Bloomberg Trading App

Bloomberg has a state of the art, mobile app, that provides real-time access to market news.  The app provides a wide variety of market price data, along with a portfolio of tracking tools. You can access Bloomberg TV. The Bloomberg menu is customizable, allowing you to set up a watch that also tracks and analyzes positions. The charting facility is reasonable. You can graph some charts on the free app. Bloomberg also has a very sophisticated premium app, that requires that you have a subscription to the Bloomberg service. This app is top of the line, providing many of the same analytic features available on the Bloomberg Desktop. Charting and portfolio analysis are very sophisticated and are perfect for traders that are experienced.

Interactive Brokers Trading App

Interactive Brokers was established in 1977 and is one of the most experienced online brokers. The company is listed on the Nasdaq exchange. It offers multi-asset solutions and includes forex, futures, CFDs and bonds.  The company has offices in 24-countries and covers more than 100-markets.  The company is regulated in the country of residence as it does not offer products that are illegal in a specific domicile.  The mobile platform is good but pales in comparison relative to their downloadable computer platform. You can customize the app to bring you to a watchlist. Charting is solid, and you can perform some analysis on financial instruments.

iFOREX Trading App

The iFOREX trading app provides clients with both execution and real-time news. iFOREX built a customized app from scratch instead of rebranding their product through white labeling.  The app provides execution on hundreds of trading products focusing on forex and CFDs in multiple securities, including sector ETFs.  This provides access to dozens of trading strategies including market neutral strategies. Price quotes and news are provided in real-time, and the charting facility is robust. iFOREX also offers a demonstration account, allowing you to test drive their product without risking any capital.

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