Finding a birthday gift for your girlfriend can be a difficult. What you get your girlfriend for her birthday is going to depend on how long you have been together, at what stage of the relationship you are in, and how well you know her. in this list you will find an idea for a serious relationship gift for the first birthday gift which is the hardest gift to figure out or long term committed relationship.


Jewellery is great here. shows how you feel and that you are serious and committed to her and the relationship. Time and time again, jewelry has proven to be the best gift idea around, and women love it. (Be careful not to overdo it because then you won’t have anything to give her when you screw up.)

2Birthday parties

Birthday parties can be fun and special. If you are always doing things at home then have the party out, dinner at a restaurant, dancing after at a club and then friends go home and you end the night romantically in a nice hotel stay.

3fragrance and Flowers

Women’s will like fragrance. and if you want the best for your woman and find that she smells like a flower, this is a great gift to ensure she always does. our perfect fragrance brands are Gucci or Calvin Klein. Flowers are still great, but not as the only gift. Make sure they have some special meaning to your girlfriend.

44. Engagement or promise ring

Engagement or promise ring. If you are in a long term committed relationship (together for many years already) the idea of getting married has probably come up. This is a good time to show your love and commitment to her. The presentation will be important so that you can show you care, make it romantic and special. Everything you do for her birthday will evolve around the presentation of the ring. Some people are reluctant to give an engagement ring as a gift because if the relationship breaks up the ring was a gift and does not need to be returned. If you are concerned about that then maybe you are not in as committed a relationship as you thought and should not commit to something you are not ready for. However if you expect to be together forever then go for it, get married or whatever ceremony (Hand fasting is a nice ceremony) you want to that shows your commitment to each other.

5Electronic Gadgets

There are some electronic gadgets that make great birthday gifts for girlfriend. The iPod Nano is a great birthday gift idea for girlfriend, But if your girlfriend is a serious music lover, size matters. She is likely to appreciate the larger storage capacity of a larger iPod model. and Digital cameras and cell phones follow similar rules of coolness—smaller is better.