If you know someone who is obsessed with traveling and you have no idea what to give him or her, I got you covered in the rest of this post. Take it from me! I am an avid traveler and I know exactly what people like me would love to receive.


Look no further – finding the perfect gift for travelers has never been this quick and easy! All you have to do is go to Skyhour.com, where you can pay for the lucky recipient’s entire flight or just part of their flight. You can select as little as 30 minutes of flight time for just $30 and they can choose where they want to go once they have enough skyhours. This gift is perfect, because they can select the destination as well as the dates, and they will absolutely love you for giving them such a considerate and practical gift!

Canvas Prints

For personalized gifts, you can never go wrong with canvas prints. Ask your friend for photos that he or she would like to be printed. Or better yet, for an element of surprise, just visit his or her social media accounts and look for past travel photos. This gift will serve as a souvenir of their trips and can ignite the wanderlust within them.

Looking for the perfect way to print their travel photos on canvas? No need to look far. Visit Shutterfly.com and see how they can turn a canvas into a work of art!

Packing Cubes

Anyone who has been traveling frequently would know the struggle of packing. To make things easier, packing cubes will come in handy. No wonder this is on the top of the list of Huffington Post’s best gifts for travelers. They can be a true lifesaver, especially in terms of being organized. They will help to compress the contents of a travel bag, making it easier to pack more even when space is limited.

Scratch-Off Map

For most travelers, they have one goal – to travel around the world. If they have been to a lot of countries and if they are thinking of visiting more countries in the future, a scratch-off map will be a good gift. The idea is simple – they will scratch off every country where they have already been. This makes it easy to track how much of the world is left to be explored. As Buzzfeed puts it, it is like a lottery ticket, with the only difference being the fact that there is a zero chance of ending up with any money as the prize!

Travel Journal

This can be useful in more ways than one. For instance, it can be used for listing down the itinerary in your friend’s next holiday. It can also be used for listing the expenses during a travel. More importantly, since it is a journal, it can be a place to jot travel memories and realizations. This will work best for your traveler friends who find solace in writing.

Foldable Water Bottle

 Encourage your friends to be eco-friendly by giving this gift. Since it is fordable, it won’t take too much space on the bag when it is not used. This will lessen the need to buy water is disposable plastic bottles. You will be doing something good not only for your friend but to the environment as well.

With the gift ideas that have been mentioned above, your traveler friends will surely be happy with your little present!

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