Online games have taken the internet by storm, and players are always looking forward to playing some other unique and fun game. Recently, a lot of i.o games have been coming out with different gameplay and design. Some of them are really addicting and unique. Visit Narwhale Game to play another entertaining online game. Here are six best i.o games that you can play in 2018.


Build your base around your buildings so you can defend it, and survive the various attacks by the zombies. You can Collect resources and reinforce your buildings and structures during the day. You also have a stash of gold inside your base that you have to protect.


You get to have your own spaceship in space and shoot at other ships and meteors. When you destroy meteors, you get gems through which you can advance into the next level. You can play in different modes.

  • In survival, you have to survive and blast away your enemies.
  • In invasion mode, you have to get through the various waves of robots that come your way.
  • Team mode requires you to collect gems, and you have to play by forming teams.

3. is one of the fastest growing i.o games that every kid is playing these days, because of its uniqueness. You start as a small animal and with time your animal evolves into bigger and stronger animals. Each animal has its own special speed and quality. You can eat the smaller animals just like stronger animals can eat you. You can also eat the bigger animals by biting their tails.


You can choose the tanks of your choice in and shoot the other tanks. also has different modes that you can play in. After every fifteen levels, we can better our tanks. There are a lot of games modes to play that range from tag, domination, sandbox, and maze. More games are available if you play on a computer. However, it takes a lot of practice as you can find this game a little hard sometimes.


This is a very easy yet very addicting game. Every player has a snake that they can move around with their mouse. We have to eat the shiny specks so we can grow bigger. We can also kill other snakes if their head touches our snake’s body. When a snake dies, it leaves behind a cluster of shiny specks that you can eat. It takes some time and patience before your snake can get big enough.

6. is a physics-based .io game where the players have to struggle to stay on the map. You start off by bouncing, and if you are not careful, you can bounce right off from the screen. You have to balance and control your weight to make sure that does not happen. There are endless maps to play on, and they play a massive part in making the game fun.

You can even download these games on your mobile phones as well.