Facilitating your children with a proper gadget is necessary, today. With almost every aspect of our life as well as your children’s, which has been touched by technology, equips them with a gadget, is important. It will help them to life easier, plus it also can support their study. With gadget, they can find any information that they need. This situation also makes it necessary for parents to protect children with best iPhone spy app, such as iKeyMonitor.

 Although iPhone is helpful in many sides, the gadget also can become the source of many problems. The Internet provides the easiest way to find anything, not only useful information but also a dangerous subject that isn’t made for your children. This is what you need to pay more attention. Without control, your children will be able to get a hold of this dangerous information. So, to prevent it, you need a way to control how your children use their gadget. If you give your children an iPhone, you must also have iPhone spy app. This app will be very useful to control and protect your children.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App

Now, if you need iPhone spy app, you can use iKeyMonitor. This is a special app that allows you to monitor all activities on an iPhone. And, just like its name as spy app, it will work stealthily. No one will know that you have activated this app on their iPhone. This is important because today’s children are smart. They know inside and outside of their gadget. So, if the spy app that you installed can’t hide itself from their detection, your children will be able to turn it off. And, you will lose your way to monitor their iPhone. Fortunately, iKeyMonitor has best spy features, which make it unable to detect by the user. So, you don’t need to worry, and you can keep monitoring your children iPhone.

 The Features of iPhone Spy App

iKeyMonitor has many useful features for parental control purpose and protecting your children. For example:

– App Blocker

With this feature, you can easily block any application or games that you think aren’t suitable for your children. Once you choose the app you want to block, your children won’t be able to open or install it.

–  Screen Time Limit

Just like its name, with this feature, you can put a limit on how long your children will use their iPhone. This is very useful to protect your children from addiction. As we all know, once they play games on their iPhone, they can spend very long time before they finish it. Because of this activity, your children can’t make any relation with other kids and this is dangerous for your children’s growth.

With this feature, you can easily create a schedule for your children iPhone usage. So, they can play games or use their iPhone at acceptable time length. Then, they will have time to do other activity, like playing with their friend or even study. Now, you don’t need to worry about the addiction problem.

– Remote Access

For iPhone, what you need to use is iCloud ID and the password of the iPhone where you want to use the iKeyMonitor app. therefore, if you have those two, you can use this app from anywhere. This means you can monitor your children activity on their iPhone anytime you want.

 iKeyMonitor is indeed one of the best iPhone spy applications you can find on the market. It has many useful features. And, all information will be sent to your email address, which makes you easier to monitor your children. The best of all, the price for its subscription isn’t that expensive. Basically, you will get everything from iKeyMonitor, which are an affordable spy app and the best protection for your beloved children.