There’s no doubt about it: surfing really is one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports you can do. But, relieving stress and cardiovascular fitness isn’t the only thing surfing is great for. As fun and physically rewarding as surfing is, surfing teaches those interested in the water-sport some valuable life lessons (as well as how to ride the waves like a professional!) that we can all learn from – even if rolling up at the beach wearing one of the newest wetsuits doesn’t appeal to you!

Believe in yourself

In order to have any chance of riding a good wave, you must believe in yourself. Building confidence involves taking control of your self-confidence and setting yourself up to win – or in this case, to surf the biggest wave out there because you won’t be able to just by staring at it! Believing in yourself doesn’t just involve biting your tongue, as helping out a newbie can help boost your self-belief more than you can imagine.

It benefits to be committed

“Serious” surfing involves commitment. While learning to surf involves learning an entirely new water-based skill, it also takes hours of practice. Time spent learning how to control your body in conditions never experienced before and how to control fear is very valuable. In surfing, you have to put anxiety aside and just go for it. Any chance you have to surf the waves, surf them! And in life, take every opportunity you get to better yourself. It takes courage, it takes focus and it involves real commitment.

Be fearless

Whilst being fearless is (much) easier said than done, it is by no means impossible to grasp. Some believe fearlessness is more important than confidence, when really they are just as important as each other. Being fearless involves possessing courage and staying calm, and learning to surf the waves teaches you exactly this. Not only are surfing conditions entirely unpredictable, having the courage to get out into the ocean is half the battle. Take a deep breath, and step into resilience!

Don’t worry!

Surfing teaches you to enjoy the moment. There’s something satisfying about paddling out into the depths of the ocean, standing tall on a surfboard and hearing the rush of the water beneath your feet. It teaches you to not stress about things beyond your control, and believe things will work out exactly how they are meant to be. And if they don’t go to plan? Don’t worry! We are firm believers that everything happens for a reason, and there might be something even better around the corner about to happen.

Encourage others

We get it – you want to be the best, of the best, of the best. But, surfing is known to be one of the most supportive water sports there are. Whilst we rarely remember or feel the need to congratulate people in everyday life, it’s not uncommon for people to cheer fellow surfers on from the beach. Inspire, motivate and uplift the people around you to receive the same support in return. After all, celebrating the success of others make everyone’s lives better!