Despite reports that suggest America’s love affair with alcohol is overdue for a more health-conscious consumer becoming the norm, it seems that data doesn’t support that assertion.

As a matter of fact, U.S. alcohol sales increased last year by 5.1% and are continuing to trend upwards.

With all the alcohol consumption going on domestically, we’re guessing that thousands of people are running into dreaded hangover issues on a weekly basis.

Hangovers can be a time-consuming, painful drag. Fortunately, natural hangover cures can help you crush symptoms and assimilate back into society sooner.

In this post, we explore a few key questions pertaining to hangovers and then offer up five natural remedies that you can leverage to get well.

What Causes Hangovers?

Before we go over natural hangover remedies that will help you get over your hangover symptoms, it’s important that you know what a hangover is.

Without getting too technical, when you consume alcohol, you’re consuming ethanol, which is a toxic chemical.

That chemical makes your body expel urine quickly which can dehydrate you. Consequently, dehydration is cited as one of the primary causes of a hangover’s feelings of unwellness.

How Long Do Hangovers Last?

The amount of time that somebody experiences a hangover for will vary from person to person and is contingent on the amount of drinking activity that was undertaken.

Studies have been done that show the average hangover length to be around 18 hours.

Can a Hangover Be Avoided?

The ease in which one can avoid a hangover after a night of drinking varies based on body composition.

The best way to avoid a hangover is undoubtedly alcohol abstinence. That’s to say that if you don’t drink alcohol at all or work hard to limit your alcohol intake, you’ll give yourself the best chance of feeling fine in the morning.

If you are going to be drinking a fair amount, another great step that you can take is to alternate your alcohol consumption with water consumption.

By introducing water to your system as ethanol works to expel it, you may be able to balance your water levels enough to avoid feeling sick in the morning.

What Are Some Natural Hangover Cures?

Now that we’ve covered the hangover basics, we’ll dive into hangover cures.

While there are a lot of cure suggestions that you can find online or hear from your friends, these five natural cures are mentioned as being among the most effective.

1. Drink a Ton of Water

As you know already, having a hangover is directly tied to dehydration.

By consuming water, you’ll help your body restore balance and will likely expedite getting back to normal.

If you’re nauseous, try not to consume water too quickly. Doing so may prompt you to vomit which will further exacerbate your dehydration.

2. Eat a Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

We’ve all seen movies where characters chow down on a big breakfast burrito the night after a crazy party.

As it turns out, remedies like eating a full, nutrient-rich breakfast can be helpful when it comes to hangovers.

Not only does eating help your stomach balance out since you’ll be putting more in it than alcohol from the night before, but food also helps you stabilize your blood sugar which tends to be volatile after a night of drinking.

3. Get Some Rest

The idea that rest can help hangovers is actually a contentious point among experts and party-goers alike.

Given that your body, more than anything else, needs water and nutrients to fight a hangover, spending the day sleeping rather than carefully consuming comestibles is noted by some to not be the best idea.

What we will say is that walking and chewing gum at the same time is a great approach.

Relegate your rest to sitting on the sofa or even laying in bed to rest your eyes. Keep water and nutrient-rich foods nearby that you can consume as you feel up to the task.

By not expending energy while also giving your body what it needs, you’ll give yourself a great chance at feeling better.

4. Consume Supplements

If you have supplements laying around in your medicine cabinet, consider taking some of them with water.

Supplements that can be the most helpful include vitamins B and C.

There are many “hangover pills” out there that come packed with B1, B2, B6 and B12 vitamins which some people find a lot of success using.

5. Splurge on IV Therapy

Do you get absolutely crushed by hangovers and are looking for the fastest way humanly possible to get back to normal?

If you’re prepared to splurge a little bit, IV vitamin therapy is your best bet.

Taking nutrients into your body via IV is by far the fastest way for you to feel their effects. Consequently, going to a clinic that can shoot you up with everything that your body needs to recover from a hangover is going to get you the best results.

Experiment to Find Your Natural Hangover Cure Go-To

Not everyone responds to the same natural hangover cure.

It tends to be that while all the suggestions we’ve noted tend to do some good, one or two cures excel with some people more than others.

Our advice to you is to experiment with the remedies that we’ve mentioned to see what works best. Doing that and being more mindful as you drink can have astounding effects on your hangover issues.

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