Gift giving is a highlight in every event in our lives. It is the perfect manner to express the appreciation, care and love that we have for one another. It makes every occasion extra special. There are many items we can give as our token of love but no particular item stands out like a jewelry.

There are many reasons why jewelry is the best gift on occasions. For starters, they can be used by both sexes and they are wearable. Unlike cars, gadgets or clothing; jewelries are timeless and can last several generations. It can initiate a tradition in your family and be an heirloom. Apart from these, they can have meanings and bear sentimental feelings. If you are thinking when is the best time to shop for it, then here are some occasions that is best paired with a jewelry box.


The gift giving spirit of Christmas is enough of a reason for you to show up in the occasion with a sparking box. It is the season to be extra special in every aspect of events like food, activities and of course, gifts.


Have you ever heard of a push present? Well, if you haven’t, it is a father’s token of appreciation to the mother after giving birth to their child. Giving a jewelry for this momentous occasion will give meaning to the motherhood of your wife. It is nice to maybe give her a pendant that matches the birthstone of your baby, so when she grows up your wife can pass it down to him/her.

New Year

New Year is a celebration of new hope, aspiration and dreams. It’s the best occasion to give gifts that can help you remember your new commitments in life. Jewelries that signify wealth, health and luck are the best gift anyone can receive around this event.


Originally a celebration for fertility, Valentine’s Day is now a festivity for love. The best gift your better half can receive other than your affection is a sparkling token of love.
Give a jewelry like a ring or a golden bracelet with stones which you can find at These gifts can remind them of your passion, admiration, sincerity and love.


Another occasion that can give you a reasonable excuse to give jewelry are milestone moments in life. Events like graduation, birthdays or simply passing an incredibly difficult exam are better commemorated with a precious piece of metal. Give a sophisticated watch for graduation as a welcome to their adulthood.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, the day we honor our first love is a great event that gives you an opportunity to give your best effort in gift giving. Celebrate the day with a piece of jewelry that engraves the names of every family member or a sparkling ring. After all, mothers are the light of every household.


I hope you are not the type of person who forgets important dates. Anniversaries are the common victims of these people even though they are an important occasion to revive and reflect the flames of a relationship. There are a variety of jewelry that can signify your renewed promise to one another. What I like about anniversaries is that we have particular designations for each number of years like silver for 25 years, 50 years for golden and 60 years for diamond.

Try to match the jewelry you are going to buy with the kind of anniversary you are having.

Jewelries are more than just a mere accessory. Today we use them to signify an occasion, profess our love and make a fashion statement. They are also a good way to invest, because they are everlasting.

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