Looking fashionable is not a talent but an art that you have to master. It’s not about branded clothes and expensive shoes, but the way you make the basics look expensive by your own style. Every person has its own style and that does not depend on any designer’s creativity but your own fashion sense. Even Charlie Chaplin made his own style with the ankle length pants and formal black shoes. However, to help you out, here are some classic ideas to look fashionable.

1. Style the basics:

Now you must be thinking what basics means. Well, it’s quite simple. Even the plain white tshirt and the pair of denim shorts can make you turn the heads around while you walk your way through the city streets. To get a fashionable chic look for all go-to occasions pair a plain t-shirt with an ankle length denim and boots. To add an extra feature for the daylight, add a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go.

2. Hang your jacket over the shoulder:

This is an amazing way to look chic and stylish anytime. Instead of wearing the jacket, hang it around your shoulder and you are good to way through the streets. It is a good way to beat the winter days when it’s neither too warm not too cold to wear the jacket. The Paris fashion week ramps have gone crazy over hanging jackets for years and it is no way fading away any soon.

3. Sneakers over high heels:

High heels are always on fashion. But have you tried on the sneakers yet? They are so comfortable and chic that you fall in love with it. To get a complete fashionable look, wear your skater dress with a pair of sneakers and hang a sling bag. While the skater dress makes you look chic, the sneakers will add a playful comfortable sine to your outfit.

4. Bandanas are back to style:

Do you remember the 90’s when bandanas were so much in style? Well, it’s back to the vogue again. It’s a go to style for your Saturday night parties and even the beach day-outs. You can either wear a head bandana with a skirt dress or with your denim shorts to look fashionable.

5. Finish it off with Polka Dot jackets:

 Not always we like hanging a shrug over our chic style dresses. So, here is a better way to flaunt your outfit in a more fashionable way. Polka Dot Jackets!
Polka Dot Jackets not just add a carefree look to your style but also make you look chic for the evening parties.

6. Boyfriend jeans are always a yes:

Fitted flare dresses are always on style but this age is all about looking carefree and comfortable. After all, fashion is anything that makes you feel comfortable. So, why not a boyfriend jeans? What can be more comfortable and chic than a pair of boyfriend jeans combined with a fitted crop top? Boyfriend Jeans have always been in style ever since the 80’s and no way it’s leaving the fashion house any soon. To add a more fashionable look, wear a ripped boyfriend jeans and crop top and never forget your sunglasses.

7. A cape with something small:

Enough of crop tops and high waist pants. Now, let’s add something more chic to it. Pair a crop top with a medium waist pants and finish it off with a long flowing cape or shrug or any winter jacket. It adds an extra edge to your outfit plus makes you look fashionable all the way long.

8. Culottes for your 9 to 5 formal look:

Wearing formal shirts and pants to the office can get really boring. Plus it’s not always as fashionable as it sounds. Hence, the age is here to transform your everyday formal look. Wear Culottes instead of formal pants. Pair them with chiffon shirts and long jackets for the winters and you are all set to go. For a more fashionable formal look, tie your hair to a messy bun and end it with a pair of high heels. Culottes are not just fashionable but also very comfortable for the daily wear.

9. Slit dress over little black dresses:

Little black dress has been in fashion ever since we can remember anything about the party wear. But it’s time to switch to something more fashionable and chic, like the maxi length slit dresses. These slit dresses are so chic that you don’t even need heavy makeup to turn the heads around. It brings out your inner beauty by showing off your body shape.

10. Don’t forget your handbags:

Fashion is not just about clothes and footwear, your handbag matters too and you should know how to carry them. Oversized totes, sling bags and small duffle bags are into fashion nowadays. Add them to your outfits to look more fashionable.

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