10 Best pets you can have

Best pets you can have

Many people find loving and loyal companions in pets. They offer the joys of friendship to many and are seen as a great comfort in times of pain and loneliness.
When it comes to choosing a pet, you must ask yourself what kind of pet you’re looking for: do you want to come home to a bounding ball of joy, overwhelmed with its own happiness at seeing you return and interested in your undivided attention? Or do you prefer the idea of a quiet, self-sustained companion who requests no more from you than food and a hospitable habitat where you can watch them live?

Our list of 10 best pets you can have will help you decide which animal is right for you.



Dogs are forever known as ‘man’s best friend’. Unthinkingly loyal and loving, dogs provide a companion that can and will accompany you in most facets of your life. Outgoing and excitable, dogs require guidance and discipline to help make them into the loyal, dependable pets they can be. They are one of the single most popular pet choices in the world.



Cats are equally as popular as dogs but for vastly different reasons. Independent and preferring structure, cats are homebodies that depend on schedules and territory to feel comfortable. Since they are not pack animals like dogs, a cats’ affection will only truly come out once it feels safe in its access to resources. They can be deeply affectionate and have a range of personalities.



Birds are known as some of the most intelligent creatures and learn new things easily and for most of us its easier to care than other pets Keep in mind, putting an enimal in cage not mean that its less demanding and some of birds are noisy so you need to choose the right that you can take care.



While a common choice for young children seeking a first pet, caring for fish can be an involved and laborious process but their peaceful presence is found soothing for most people.

Exotic fish and even common species require specialized environments and food but offer great pets for people who don’t have the time or physical commitment to care for a more involved pet.



Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. Brimming with affection and personality, they offer a quiet, small pet that can bring you lots of joy.

Rabbits are social creatures, so it’s often suggested that you adopt two so they do not get lonely.
Rabbits are very curious creatures and can get into anything if given enough time and free reign, so be prepared to bunny proof your home and keep a close eye on your floppy-eared friend.



Parrots can be interesting and highly rewarding pets if you enjoy the task of training. Curious and intelligent, parrots respond well to coaching and can have very long lives. African Grey parrots can live to be 40 to 60 years old!

Parrots can be a more demanding pet, as they require varied diets, new and interesting spaces and good handling techniques to prevent biting. With these aspects taken care of, parrots can provide a long-term, loving pet.



While you may initially want to cringe, Mice can make brilliant pets. Highly trainable and intelligent, domesticated brown rats take up little room and are perfect for apartment dwellers or other cramped locations.

Mice love to be petted and are quite skilled at sensing moods. A bit closer to their wild side, Mice require frequent handling and affection to remain friendly and trusting of humans.

8Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Small and fuzzy, guinea pigs are one of the available pets in the rodent family who enjoys (and requires) out of cage time on a daily basis. They are avid lovers of cuddling and affection and respond best to a minimum two guinea pig home.

Guinea pigs offer the added benefit of being an easily portable pet with fun and comical personalities.



Lizards offer a variety of great beginner pets but you should still do your research, as many lizards live long lives.

Lizard breeds such as leopard geckos and bearded dragons offer docile, friendly personalities and are happy with being handled.

Lizards themselves are inexpensive pets but the equipment necessary to give your lizard a healthy happy life can be quite expensive.



Though present in Africa for hundreds of years, hedgehogs have only recently surfaced as a pet trend in North America. African pygmy hedgehogs are small, domesticated creatures covered in prickly spines that serve as protection from predators. Due to their small stature, hedgehogs can be easily frightened and will roll their bodies into tight balls with their quills facing out, so it’s important to handle your hedgehog gently and build for them a relaxing and soothing environment.



Horses are unique, beautiful and powerful animals that can offer transport, an athletic partner and a loyal companion but they are also very costly and require lots of room.

When getting a horse, consider what you will use them for. Horses require exercise and socializing to be good partners. They are very involved pets and will require a lot of time and dedication, but they will return your love and time tenfold if you care for them correctly.

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