SEO is a hot topic right now – it is the best way to get your website noticed on the internet today. SEO works by placing your website’s pages higher up in Google search results, enabling organic traffic to find you easily and increase conversion rates.

Aside from the ‘usual’ best SEO tactics, which cover topics such as keyword placement and linking, we are going to go over five of the best in-depth SEO tactics you can use today in 2018. By using these tactics, you can massively expand your basic SEO strategy and start to see more results fly in!

1: Track Metrics

Although this is not an SEO tactic per se, tracking SEO metrics is something which you need to be doing and is one of the most important SEO-related practices. How on Earth are you meant to make sense of whether your SEO strategy is working if you aren’t looking at the results and metrics?

Looking at metrics is the only way you can determine whether your SEO is working as it should be. There are many ways to track SEO, for example with the best SERP checker or by looking at keyword rankings.

2: Cover Topics In-Depth

Google’s algorithms are getting smarter and you must be producing high-quality in-depth content if you want your website to stand a chance against the others when it comes to SEO rankings and getting on the front page.

It is no longer good enough to just re-hash content found elsewhere and stuff a few keywords in the mix; you need to be producing original high-quality content, otherwise you shouldn’t bother.

3: Refresh Current Content

As we said, Google’s algorithms keep changing and SEO is something which is ever-evolving and changes regularly. You should be re-visiting your SEO content once every few months to make any adjustments or amendments which may be necessary as a result of recent SEO developments.

Just because SEO content worked once before, does not mean it is working now, and this could harm your website’s rankings significantly.

4: Use Accelerated Mobile Pages

We are quickly becoming a world which is more mobile-orientated, and with this comes a necessity for your website to not only be optimized for mobile usage, but to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

Accelerated Mobile Pages load much faster on cellular phones and, because Google prioritizes pages which load fast, this can get you closer to the top spot.

5: Linkable Asset Development

You can use Facebook posts and advertisements to promote your linkable assets and grow your backlink profile. As you may be aware, the more backlinks, the better your site will perform in the Google rankings.

Facebook advertising can be cleverly manipulated to increase the number of backlinks you have and push your pages further up the search results.

SEO and Google’s algorithm are always evolving, so it is important for website owners to keep on top of their SEO practices with the best SEO tactics. Monitoring your SEO, keeping things fresh and posting rich content are just a few ways you can keep your SEO strong.