Best shopping Districts in Toronto

Best shopping Districts in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario is a city of many things: multi-cultural hub, influential business sectors and most importantly to our article, shopper’s paradise. Downtown Toronto is awash with something for every budget: boutique shops on Bloor Street, behemoth chain shops or discount spots along Spadina. Come with us as we explore five of Toronto’s Best Shopping Districts.



Bloor and Yorkville are streets synonymous with Toronto elite and the upper echelons of fashion. Known for its upscale boutiques such as Agent Provocateur (the pricey and delicate lingerie chain straight from Paris), Burberry, Chanel and Hermes, Bloor-Yorkville is also the location of Holt Renfrew’s flagship store that offers five floors of tailored and sophisticated goods.
If price is no object when it comes to your wedding day, Bloor-Yorkville is also home to custom couture bridal shops like Bridal Path Boutique and Sarah Houston Couture Bridal.
Don’t be scared off though, even if you can’t afford any Hugo Boss suits this time around, Bloor-Yorkville is also home to more manageable stores such as Winners, American Apparel and GAP.

2Yonge Street

Yonge Street (it’s pronounced ‘young’) is an arterial thoroughfare that runs right through the heart of downtown Toronto. Yonge Street has over 350 shops to explore and it offers many lively attractions, such as the Eaton Centre (a tourist attraction onto itself, the Eaton Centre is one of the largest malls in Canada with 280 shops) and Dundas Square, a public square with similarities to New York’s Times Square.
Yonge Street also hosts the annual Fashion on Yonge, a public event that features free runway shows and chances to chat with stylists and watch the models get prepped for their big walk.

3Queen Street West

Queen Street West

Are you at the forefront of trends? Are your friends always wondering where you got your clothes? Then you will love shopping on Queen Street West. Known for edgier boutiques, up-and-coming (as well as established) designer brands and amazing second shops, Queen Street West was also the birthplace of Club Monaco (now owned by the Ralph Lauren empire).
You can get everything from handcrafted jewelry designed and brought to life by local goldsmiths at Anne Sportum, to delicate, boho-chic caftans at Anthropologie.

4The Danforth

The Danforth

Toronto’s Greektown (and home of the Taste of the Danforth festival), the Danforth juggles bridal shops, kitchen stores, home décor shops and gastro delights. Looking for a fine pair of shoes? Make your way to Lustre, a shop known for its limited and unique selection of fine shoes that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the city. Want to make sure that your purchase is supporting local designers and businesses? Head to The 100 Mile Child, a store that stocks only items made within a hundred miles of their location on the Danforth. Items include toys, games and other random finds!

5Kensington Market

The vibrant and diverse Kensington Market is a shopper’s paradise. Home of big bargain stores and small, independent mom and popshops, Kensington Market is so hip is hurts. Places like Bungalow, the 3000 sq.ft vintage empire, are the norm here. They offer everything from collector pieces from the 40s and 60s to oh-so-stylish cocktail dresses and Danish dining sets. Kensington Market’s shopping district prides itself on the unique, the old-made-new and the everything-but-bland-beige mindset. So if you’re need of a 1980s, high-necked, lace-appliqued dress so you can reenact the scene from Pretty in Pink, Kensington Market is the place to go.

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