Luxury Condo

What are the Amenities Buyers Look in a Luxury Condo in Toronto?

The housing market is complex; prices go down to high and vice versa according to demand. That does not go the same in the case of Condos. A condo is a cheaper alternative than...
Toronto Hottest Real Estate Developments

Toronto’s 5 Hottest Real Estate Developments

To date, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, currently has more cranes in the sky than anywhere else in North America.  In fact, Rider Levett Bucknall Ltd., which counts the number of active construction cranes in 13...
Apartment Hunting in Toronto

5 Ways to Make Apartment Hunting in Toronto Easier

Toronto, and its surrounding areas, has become a prime location for millennials to work, live and play due to its multiculturalism, thriving culinary scene and ample career opportunities, among other enticing reasons.  
Toronto Craft Breweries

A Group Tour of Toronto’s Craft Breweries

When the work week’s been long and tedious and all you want to do is sit back and relax with your friends, tumblers overflowing with golden foam crafted to perfection, with the...
Best Malls Toronto

Best Malls in Toronto

Best Malls Toronto? When visiting one of Canada’s foremost shopping centers, don’t be discouraged by a rainy or more likely, cold and snowy day. Your shopping adventure has just begun when you head indoors!...
Best Hotels in Toronto

Best 5 Hotels in Toronto

What are the Best Hotels in Toronto City? Based on millions of reviews, our list of 5 Best Hotels in Toronto suit a variety of tastes, whether traveling for business or pleasure with family...
Best shopping Districts in Toronto

Best shopping Districts in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario is a city of many things: multi-cultural hub, influential business sectors and most importantly to our article, shopper’s paradise. Downtown Toronto is awash with something for every budget: boutique shops on Bloor...
Restaurants in Toronto

Best 5 Restaurants in Toronto

A trip to Toronto's Greektown wouldn't be complete without sampling its famous souvlaki. You can't step two feet on the strip without finding a souvlaki house. The following are the best 5 Restaurants in Toronto: 1....

Best Places to Visit in Toronto

If you're coming to Toronto, and you want to know what the real 'Torontonians' do, than read on and learn what you shouldn't miss on a trip to Toronto city. Toronto is a very...
Best Five Festivals in Toronto

Best Five Festivals in Toronto

Art of Jazz Celebration is held at Toronto's Distillery District in May. This annual celebration showcases jazz greats in intimate concert setting, Cuban and New Orleans Jazz, educational workshops, films and more. Beaches International...

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