Are you an adrenaline junkie? With an ever growing need to push your limits, and experience the pure thrill of drifting through time!? Then Australia is your one-stop solution, with an array of sporting activities to keep you blissfully engaged. With a plethora of custom, budget-friendly Australia tour packages at your disposal, exploring Australia has been more exciting than ever.

Here is a list of 6 sporting activities you can look forward in Australia

1. Swim with the great white sharks & whale sharks

Remember the movie, Jaws? Here is an opportunity to experience the movie. The infamous great white shark, is the world’s largest predatory fish and can grow up to lengths of 15 to 20ft, with the females being larger than the males. These magnificent creatures are commonly sighted in Australian coasts, there are exclusive australia tour packages that let you dive into the deep sea and closely interact with these great whites. Fret not! You will be shielded by a cage, which separates you from the sharks.

You can also swim with the whale sharks, these are intimidating large fishes that grow up to 46 feet, but are gentle in nature.

Also available are packages to swim with the sea lions, off the coast of Eyre Peninsula.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb up the world renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge to witness the awe inspiring view of the city, though the height may seem intimidating, this is one activity that can be done by all age groups. Depending on your comfort level you can choose whether you would like to go the whole way which will typically take you 4 hours or you could return halfway.

Also, available are options to climb the bridge during sunrise, daytime, sunset, and night. Safety is a priority, and you will be safely secured to a harness, so rest assured and give this a shot!

3. White rafting

Love the waters and need that bout of thrill? Then white rafting through the Franklin River is a must, known for its rough waters, navigating through the currents and the rocky gorges is an exhilarating experience. There are various packages for families and individuals alike. You can also enjoy the lush green rainforests that encompass the entire breadth of the river; this is a perfect outing for families.

The Alpine National Park which is a few hours away from Melbourne also offers white rafting options through the Mitta Mitta River, while enjoying the diverse wildlife in the national Park ranging from the cockatoos and wallabies.

4. Surfers’ Paradise

Home to some surfer friendly beaches and surfing is in the essence of Australia’s culture, with opportunities available for beginners and professionals.Some of the best beaches in Australia to surf are –

Gold coast

A must-visit for every water sports enthusiast; it is lined with many beaches that are perfect for lazing on the shores, surfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. The beaches here are frequented by professional athletes from across the world. Sounds interesting? Visit a local waterski shop within the area so you may get further information on how to engage in this kind of activity.

Byron Bay

Another favourite among surfers, if you are a beginner you can enrol for surfing classes and advance through the sessions. They also have other water activities like kayaking and snorkelling.

5. Abseiling

Ever wanted to try abseiling, but never got the opportunity? Then you are in the right country, Australia is home to the world’s highest abseil, The Gordon Dam and it is 140 metres high. This activity is not for the faint hearted, with a single drop that will plunge you 140 metres down, this will get your heart pounding with sheer excitement. You can either opt for a single drop to the bottom or dangle mid-air for a few minutes, while you catch your breath.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is one water sport in Australia that is both thrilling and meditating as you wade through the calm blue waters of the Australian coast. Some of the best kayaking spots in Australia are –

Law Hill Gorge

Located in Queensland, the serene blue skies beckon you as you wade through the still waters; with sea turtles gentling swimming along, this picturesque view is one of the favourites among instagrammers. Don’t miss watching the crocodiles sunbathing along the cliffs as you make your way to the base.

If this got you pumping for adventure, then plan your trip to Australia from a host of Australia tour packages.