Best States to Live in USA

In the big and beautiful home of the free, there is a glut of beautiful states to wile away your days, but when you’re looking for the best of the best; you have to look deeper than just natural appeal. These states offer multiple attractions, high quality of life ratings and healthy economies. They set the bar for


This sunny, tropical state offers strong educational opportunities, a relatively low crime rate and some of the healthiest residents in the USA. People who call Hawaii home are considered to have some of the best quality of life in the country. Offering a variety of outdoor activities, a boisterous economy and year round warm temperatures, Hawaii tops our list of best states to live in the country.


Don’t write off this Midwestern gem, the Hawkeye State has an exceptionally low crime rate and a clean environment. You can take in the beautiful landscapes from one of Iowa’s many affordable homes, as the average home price was only $189,700. Low unemployment rate and high quality of life help to push it to number two on our list.


Breathe that clean mountain air! This mountainous state offers an abundance of natural beauty and a reputation for inclusiveness with strong anti-discrimination laws and an accepting population. Residents of Colorado score high for health, and with a booming economy, they are also wealthy. An innovative state with a strong workforce and a relatively low cost of doing business are what help rank Colorado at number 3.


We’re on the east coast in the Bay State, a state well known for its varied lifestyles. From bustling Boston with its high ranked schools to the quiet of the mountainous Berkshires, Massachusetts offers something for everyone. The state offers multiple attractions to residents and visitors alike and maintains a healthy population. Their well-known inclusive policies date back to the Revolution and remain strong today. In 2014, Massachusetts ranked 7th in the USA on the Quality of Life index.


Welcome to beautiful Washington State! Did you know Washington offers 29 scenic byways to coast around on Sunday drives? The state has always been known for its glut of natural beauty, including the Puget Sound, which has become famous for its healthy orca population. Seattle, where 60% of Washington’s population lives, offers a busy metropolitan lifestyle while encouraging green living. Many families in Seattle go out of their way to live eco-friendly lifestyles and use renewable resources.
Feel like a little mountain climbing this weekend? Famous Mount Rainier awaits you. The environment is clean, the economy is strong and despite its reputation, Washington gets less rain than Miami, Florida on an annual basis!


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