Some people are composing like a machine. Once an idea pops-up on their head, they will fix it in minutes, and they will write it on their blog when finalized. Generally, a person writes slowly but it can be improved once practiced now and then.

You can arrange your writing procedure in a way that you can get your mood to obtain the perfect words for your content quickly. You must assure that every minute you spend in front of your computer when composing should be used effectively and efficiently. Writing fast does not only mean that you should only complete the first draft quickly but it also applies to how fast you finish everything you write such as emails and blog posts.

But, do you know that you can develop your writing speed and maintain a high- quality content by simply following five easy steps?

1.   Write daily.

Make it your primary goal to write every day. You can make a journal, post on your social media accounts, and even start to make a blog post. It will help you to compose ideas quickly. The more you practice your writing skill, the more words will cross your mind swiftly. You will get faster in linking various ideas, organize new knowledge, and enhance your ability to compose an article. If you are thinking about what to write daily, you can post on your blog and even start a new chapter of your book. You can compose anything every day no matter what is your topic. But, there will come a time when seeing a blank page, ideas are not just coming out. To prevent this from happening, you must design an outline that you will follow.

2.   Choose your topic.

Every writer can experience a mental block. However, it will also be a problem if you have a lot of ideas you want to put into your article. If you attempt to put in all of your ideas, there will be a high chance that your article might be messed up and uninteresting. When you try to read your first draft, you may find a lot of extra thoughts that are irrelevant. This means you will need to make use of extra time in deleting and restructuring words or sentences. This also means that it will slow down your speed in composing. Limit your topic into a single idea. By standing for only one idea, it will help you to compose directly on- point. This means that you can compose faster and make content that will attract more readers.

3.   Make ready with your facts.

When you think that you’re experiencing a mental block, this is probably because you have not listed yet the facts of your chosen topic. Collect data before the start of your composition so you can write quickly. List a few notes and make thorough research if needed. You can make a research by simply going to the library and look for some reference books. You can also Google one or two terms and take note of related and important things that show up.

4.   Get rid of the distractions.

We all know that this is a hard thing to do. There are lots of distractions that can be encountered every day. They are one of the major factors that will slow down your work. Writing requires focus and should be done with complete attention. You can simply turn off your television, silent your phone, do not entertain social media messages, do not start any movies or seasons, and only write.

5.   Do a writing sprint.

Just place your hands on your keyboard and start typing. Always think that it is not necessary to make faultless composition on your first draft. Just go with the flow and type in your ideas. More or less, you will be shocked by the output you will get on your first draft. Keep in mind that you should not edit and write at the same time. To compose and to edit are two separate jobs. So first, you should compose your ideas and revise it later on.

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