If you ever install a heatsink on your CPU then you would probably aware of thermal pastes. Thermal paste is a heat conductive paste which is applied to maintain the temperature of the CPU. But before using it you must have the proper knowledge of thermal paste and how to use it. If you want to improve the performance of your CPU then you must apply the right thermal paste. A wrong thermal paste can make the situation worst. Don’t worry you are on exact place and here is the best thermal paste to buy in 2018.

Best thermal pastes to enhance the performance of your CPU

Heat sink paste, Thermal gunk, and TIM all are the synonyms of thermal paste. Normally it is the grey colored material which is used to observe the heat from the heatsink. A good thermal paste can decrease up to 10-degree temperature. Below I will suggest the best thermal pastes of different categories so take a loo and pick according to your need.

Best Non-capacitive Thermal Paste of 2018

Arctic MX-4, A carbon-based thermal paste

Arctic MX-4 is a well-known name in terms of thermal paste. It is quite simple to apply it and also it is available at low cost. Its syringe design makes it easy to apply and there no metal used in it so it is also not conducive to electrical devices. You just have to cascade the paste and it is ready to cool down the surface.

Arctic MX-4 is good for regular use but if you want the fastest speed then you must choose stronger paste.

Noctua NT-H1: Good For Overclocking

When we differentiate between Arctic MX and Noctua NT then Noctua seems stronger for the cooling process of your CPU. It can keep the temperature 2 degrees lower than the Arctic MX. Noctua is easy to apply as it also comes in syringe form but it is thicker and drier than other thermal pastes. Moreover, it doesn’t need any time for setting it.

Noctua is low-priced in comparison of Arctic MX but also contain less paste. It is best for the high load so.

Arctic Silver 5: 99.9% Silver Thermal Compound

Now discuss the Arctic Silver 5 which is really the good option after the above two pastes. It contains 99.9% silver so it works well. Anyway, it has a silver compound but it is regarded as a ceramic paste. You should be careful while using it and it should not be leak on PC components.

As it contains silver substance so it increases its cooling effect. You have to wait for a few hours after applying it because it requires some time for setting off. Although there are some pastes in the market which contains micronized diamonds but you should do not buy them because they don’t perform well.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut: Long Lasting Ceramic Paste

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is considered as the best non-capacitive thermal paste among all. As it is the best paste so its price is also high. You can say almost double price in comparison to Noctua NT. Its tube contains the only 1G of paste. This is the best choice for hardcore PC makers.

Although costly it offers according to its range. It doesn’t need any time for setting and also easy to apply. When we compare it with Arctic silver and Noctua NT, it offers you up to 4 degrees lower temperature.

Best liquid metal thermal grease in 2018

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut: Good Thermal Compound For Overclocking Your CPU/GPU

Now come to the metal compounds which requires more perfection and more precaution while using. Initially, you have to clean heatsink before applying this grease.

Then spread the little amount of paste and set it with the help of a brush. This compound comes with all helping equipment for using it and also instructions available.

Make sure that you should not use it on Aluminium sinks as it can leave black stains on them. Grizzly conductonaut grease can cooler your device temperature up to 10 degrees. It also permits you to overclock your CPU/GPU and gives you a better experience.

On the basis of its performance, Thermal Grizzly conductonaut is the best grease for 2018. Who are really curious about the performance of their device, give it a try to maximize your experience. With some precautions, you can apply it and it would not downcast you.

Well..above I have mentioned the best thermal compounds of 2018 but rest depends on how to apply them. The good application also plays a remarkable role in the performance of a thermal grease. You have to consider not to apply too much or not too less.

All the thermal compounds with different price and specifications so choose according to your requirement. Still, any query regarding thermal paste then comments below also share your experiences if you have ever used any thermal paste. Our comment box is waiting for your valuable suggestions.