While most people will claim they live in the best place in the world, in Southern California, we’ve got a lot to back that claim up. From Hollywood to San Diego, and everywhere in between, this place is the best. Let’s take a look at what makes SoCal such a great place to call home:

The Weather

No matter where you go, there is absolutely no beating the weather in Southern California. With temperatures typically hovering around the low 70s for most of the year and blue skies being the norm, it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s no time of year that’s not great for swimming, and the pool designs in San Diego and Los Angeles capitalize on the great weather. The grass is green, the breezes are warm, and the air is fresh, meaning just about any day can turn into a beach day on a whim. Speaking of which…

Beach Life

There’s a reason that, when most people think of Southern California, the first thing they picture is people at the beach. California has literally dozens, if not hundreds, of public beaches to enjoy. There are people who move here just so that they can go surfing each morning before work, and you don’t know what contentment is until you’ve sat around a campfire on the beach, chatting with your friends until all hours of the morning.

Real Mexican Food

Most people in the United States who say they love Mexican food are really talking about Tex-Mex. Don’t get us wrong, Tex-Mex can be delicious, but sharing a border with Mexico means we’ve got access to the real thing here. Don’t believe me? Try it out. Come grab some local Mexican food for yourself, whether from a food truck or a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and I promise you you’ll never be able to go back.


Most people have to plan a family vacation for months if they want to go to Disneyland, scouring the internet for discount flights and cheap Disneyland tickets. Those of us who live here can go on a whim, though! It’s great, because it actually justifies buying an annual pass. When “the happiest place on Earth” is in your backyard, you can wake up one morning and decide to head over to spend some time with some of our favorite characters! Sure, they’ve got that other park in Florida, but we know that ours is the original. Accept no substitutes!

The Mix of Cultures

One of the absolute best things about living in Southern California is just how wide and diverse the population is. You can meet people from every part of the world as part of your everyday life. People flock to this place because they want to be a part of it, and we say come on in!