In these days of global inter-connectivity, you can work with people and services from all over the world for many of your business needs. This means you have access to a wide pool of expertise, you can negotiate the best rates, and you can access services that may not be available locally. You can communicate using phone, email, chat and video-link, so in many cases, there’s no need ever to meet your colleagues. However, there are some definite benefits to using businesses in your local area.

Local knowledge

Businesses operating in your area will be tuned in to all the factors based on your location that have an impact on your business. For example, the local economy, local laws and regulations, customs and traditions, demographics, taxation and benefits, the talent pool for recruitment, regional opportunities, and local news and concerns within the community. This all helps you because you don’t need to explain any of these issues and the business you are working with will have insight into all these factors.

Meeting people

Electronic communications are enormously helpful, wherever you live and whoever you want to speak to. For some interactions though, meeting face to face is still the preferred option for many people. You don’t have to worry about technology letting you down, and it’s nice to be able to spend time in social situations where you can get to know people better. In some cases, although security will be largely effective online, there is still a concern that classified information could be more easily obtained than when meeting in person.

Supporting the local economy

By using local businesses, you are putting money back into the local economy, which will help it to thrive. A thriving economy will, in turn, mean there is more money available for people to invest in your business too. For instance, you can use a host for your website from anywhere in the world, but using a local web design company is an easy way to put money back into your community.


All local business owners have connections that can help you grow your business beyond the immediate working relationship. Having connections with local business people will enable you to build a network of contacts who can be influential in boosting your business and helping you with any difficulties you encounter.


Using local services is something you can capitalize on in your marketing materials that will help build your reputation. Many people are concerned about supporting their community, and there is a big drive towards local production and supply where such a thing is possible. Aside from the advantages to the economy of your area, there is also the environmental impact reduction that accompanies the use of local services.

When you’re assessing the advantages and disadvantages of local versus global services, find out what businesses in your location can provide, and if they are able to give you what you need, it makes sense to choose a local firm over a national or international service.