After that fateful decision to spend your “last days of freedom” in Germanies powerhouse all that is left to be done is to carefully plan your stay there. As it is the case with many urban metropolises, Hamburg is also full of fun activities that would take you many days in a row just to witness each attraction represented in this party hub. We will try to make your life a little easier by giving you suggestions on what are some of the best things to do on your Hamburg stag do weekend.

1. Brewery Tours

Brewery ToursWhat kind of Hamburg stag do weekend would it be without going on a tour to some of the most famous breweries? The world’s largest beer exporter will surely capture the attention of any ale lover during his stay in Hamburg. Your bachelor crew will have a chance to meet the production cycle of some of the worlds most renowned beer with guided tours and of course unlimited beer at your disposal!

Dinner or launch will also be one of the options for your pals. Since many crews chose to go on tour during night hours as it turns out that unlimited beer and fine food can really replace one night of weekend partying. Of course one of many great ways you can add some attraction to brewery tour night would be hiring your personal sexy assistant to keep you guys company. And maybe, translate you some of that confusing German right to your ear…

2. The legendary Reeperbahn

legendary ReeperbahnThis might as well be the prime reason why Hamburg fits perfectly with nearly any bachelor demands. For those of you that have never heard of Reeperbahn. It is the second largest and the first most luxurious Red light district in Europe. For decades this was the end point of all naughty fun that happened in Hamburg.

Literally, anyone curious enough to step in St. Pauli district will find something of his or her liking and going into details at this moment would be a little too “revealing”. All in all, for all what is worth, no Hamburg stag do weekend is complete without paying a visit to Reeperbahn. All the sweet-sweet things that can happen there will be the topic of concealed talks among your bachelor crew until the rest of your lives.

3. Planten un Blomen

Planten un BlomenForget about all the myths and medication you can try just to make that unbearable hangover little less painful. After the night of heavy party euphoria and everything that brings with it, your head will feel larger then Germanies economy. The perfect remedy for such occasion during your stay would be visiting this lush paradise that will win over your body with tranquillity.

Planten un Blomen spreads across 47 hectares of gardens, lawns, ponds, greenhouses and botanical plantations. Two hundred years of preserving this botanical paradise prove to be the perfect relaxing point for all tourists and locals. Just sit on those picturesque green plains and close your eyes as the paradise-like surroundings win over your body with serenity and the sound of magnificent fountains. Some of the funniest and memorable pictures are usually taken here during foreign visits to this city.

4. Jungfernstieg

JungfernstiegAt the vibrant and commercial epicentre of Hamburg, you can find the Jungfernsieg an urban promenade in the city’s foremost boulevard. The name comes from a historic tradition of wealthy Hanseaten families parading their unwed daughters (Jungfern) for eligible bachelors. Today no daughters will be paraded in an old fashion way.

But, Landward there are flagship shops and department stores like the storied Alsterhaus in tall Neoclassical and Historicist buildings. During the warm days, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and some of that adrenaline filled water jet fun. Or, you can tuck into a coffee and pastry at the glass Alster Pavillion.

5. Cocktails in the backstreets of St Pauli district

St Pauli districtOnce you reach the backstreets of St. Pauli you will be greeted with stylish cocktail bars that have nothing but their logo at the front making it a bit of mystery from the start. In there the locals are competing in making the most famous and enjoyable mix of hard liquor for any curious visitor. Some of those cocktails already added fame to their name and all of them will make you drunk to your boots.

The bars soon turn into a dance club, while an upstairs salon with leather couches is the place for a more intimate drink. If you know what I mean… Only for the fact that these bars are very close to the famous Reeperbahn makes nearly all bachelor crews and Hamburg visitors lose their minds there. This can be a great addition to your party possibilities if you plan to evade Hamburgs clubbing for one night.

In conclusion

HamburgNot only that the Club scene in Hamburg is a sort of attraction that attracts bachelors to this city like bees on honey. There are numerous fun possibilities and many of them unjustifiably stay in the shade of that vibrant party euphoria. Hamburg proves to be the perfect destination for any bachelor party crew with all the opportunities you can have while not dancing until the dawn in Europes most luxurious nightclubs.