Having an abundant and seductive mane is the dream of every woman. However, in the case of many of us it remains a dream.

 Do you want to increase the amount of hair? 

Have you always had very thin and thin hair? Or maybe before you had a beautiful mane and you are concerned about your hair that they are diminishing with the passage of time?

 Do you want to know how to have more hair? 

Do not lose hope. Keep reading and you will discover how to add volume to your hair.

For women, having thin and sparse hair can be traumatic, which affects their self-esteem. In addition, the causes can be multiple. Some of the main reasons are usually

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Hormonal problems
  • Some disease, such as insulin resistance (you can have insulin resistance even if you are not diabetic).

Nevertheless, you can do a lot to lessen the problem.

The following tips will help you to know how to have a lot of hair. We will treat the problem from two fronts. First, we will see how to increase the amount of hair enhancing its growth and preventing its breakage and its fall. Then we will see how to achieve the visual effect of increasing the amount of hair.

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How to Increase the volume of hair enhancing its growth and preventing its breakage and fall

  • Eat well

Even if you think you have heard it a thousand times, it’s true, good nutrition is the key to increasing the amount of hair. Avoid processed foods that do not provide nutrients and replace them with foods that really nourish you.  The Iron and the Zinc are also necessary if you want to have more hair.

Proper nutrition is even more important if your loss of hair density is due to insulin resistance. If that is your case, avoid all those foods with a high glycemic index. Start the day with a good breakfast with enough protein because it provides the basic components that allow us to repair and replace the hair (the best protein is that of eggs, of course).

Coconut oil, for example, contains medium chain fatty acids and healthy saturated fats that help restore the health of the thyroid. Consuming a tablespoon of this oil every day can be extremely beneficial for people with hypothyroidism (common cause of hair loss).

  • Drink enough water

Your hair cannot be hydrated if your body is dehydrated. So take care of your interior and this way you will take the first step to achieve your goal: to increase the hair.

Massage the scalp regularly

To increase the amount of hair on your mane, it is essential to massage the scalp as it increases blood circulation, which produces healthy roots and stimulates the growth of new hair (You can do it with Aloe Vera Gel or with oil coconut).

Use home remedies that nourish and strengthen hair

The egg

Using an egg treatment once or twice a week for several weeks can help strengthen the hair. Beat an egg or two, apply that mixture on the scalp, leave it for 30 minutes, and then wash your hair as you normally do.

The olive oil

This wonderful oil contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties , which promote health in our scalp, and is ideal to care for weak and sensitive hair as it provides strength and vitality. It also blocks the hormone responsible for contracting the hair follicle so it reduces hair loss, and gives it a smooth and silky appearance.

Heat a few seconds 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and before going to sleep apply liberally throughout the hair giving gentle massages on the scalp, place a bathing cap or a plastic bag and the next day wash it with plenty of water and shampoo.

  • Gently comb

It is preferable that you comb with dry hair.

  • Do not decolorize

All chemical processes damage the hair, to a greater or lesser extent. So avoid them. Be patient and leave it for when you have stronger and thicker hair. Focus now on how to have more hair. If you are a natural brown-haired person, enjoy it. Who can question the beauty of healthy black hair?

  • Use an anti-fall shampoo or one that gives you volume

The shampoo you choose should be according to what you want to achieve. If you have always had a little hair but you do not have hair fall problems, you can use a volume increasing shampoo. However, if you have problems of hair falling, it is best to use an anti-fall shampoo. They are not miraculous but they help.

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