Do you run a business? Spend a lot of time communicating with foreign clients or partners? If so, you likely have a need for translation services.

Fortunately, there are tons of such services available in the world today, most of which can be used online with a few clicks of a button. Looking for the best of the best? Then read on. These are 10 of the best translation companies and services around.

1. TranslateMedia

We’ll begin our list with TranslateMedia, a London-based translation company offering translation services for a bevy of different languages. Whether you need an Italian translator, a Bulgarian translator, a Finnish translator, or otherwise, TranslateMedia can help. They cover essentially every language in existence.

TranslateMedia operates in a number of sectors. These include but aren’t limited to travel, finance, technology, and retail. Fully audited by and a member of the UK’s Association of Translation Companies, it’s as reputable a company as you’re going to find.

If you’re trying to expand your brand to different countries, TranslateMedia is the company to call. They’ll translate your message in a way that appeals to speakers of all languages.

2. Stepes

Another top-notch translation company is Stepes. An online company, it provides translations for over 100 languages. These languages include Czech, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.

Some of the industries served by Stepes include the financial industry, the manufacturing industry, and the education industry, to name just a few. It also provides services to government organizations.

Overall, Stepes is extremely accurate. While there may be a hiccup from time to time, their translations are, by and large, precise. Note, though, that their pricing can be a little steep.

3. TransPerfect

TransPerfect is one of the biggest translation companies in the world. Located in over 90 places, it offers translations for well over 170 languages. It provides other services as well, including but not limited to website localization, multicultural marketing, and interpretation.

If you’re trying to launch a brand in a foreign country, this company could be of major assistance to you. They’ll help you handle the entire process, ensuring that you’re communicating to foreign markets in the proper manner.

The downside to TransPerfect is that their rates are fairly high. But you know what they say: you get what you pay for.

4. TheWordPoint

Up next is TheWordPoint. An online translation company, they can provide translations for up to 100 languages. With services starting at just $29.00, they can rush work to clients in under 6 hours.

TheWordPoint provides services for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to the healthcare industry, the legal industry, and the art industry. They also provide services for personal and academic purposes.

Some of the languages accommodated by TheWordPoint include French, German, Spanish, Slovakian, Hebrew, and Chinese. But, as was noted, there are over 100 languages to choose from.

5. Alta

Next, we’re going to discuss Alta, a tried and true translation company that’s been around since 1980. Covering over 100 languages, this company offers foreign language services of all kinds. These include translation, interpretation, interpretation testing, and more.

Highly accurate in their translations, the work in a number of industries. These industries include the medical industry, the soda industry, the automotive industry, and a variety of others.

Of course, high quality comes with high prices. So, if you’re going to use Alta’s services, you should plan on spending some dough. But there’s one thing that’s for sure: you’re going to get what you paid for.

6. DayTranslations

Another translation company you should consider is DayTranslations. An online company, they translate well over 100 languages. These languages include but aren’t limited to Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Danish.

This company has a quick turnaround time, and, if necessary, can return a translation in under 6 hours. Some of the industries it serves include the auto industry, the medical industry, the manufacturing industry, and the banking industry.

It’s important to note, though, that some of DayTranslations’ interpretations can be a little spotty, particularly when it comes to less popular languages. As such, while you might get a decent translation, it’s not guaranteed to be perfect.

7. Rush Translate

Next, we’ll discuss Rush Translate, an online translation company with some of the most affordable prices around. Their rates start at $24.95.

Rush Translate offers middle-of-the-road quality, getting some translations right but offering inconsistent results on others. So, if you’re using your translations for high-visibility purposes, you might want to avoid this company entirely. That said, they’re sufficient for many purposes.

If needed, this company can return work in under 12 hours. This is slower than the companies reviewed above but is still fairly quick compared to many other companies.

8. LanguageLine

LanguageLine is in about the same boat as Rush Translate. While the company provides decent translations from time to time, it often misses the mark entirely. This is particularly true when it comes to less popular languages.

That said, they offer quick work in a pinch, capable of getting a translation back to you in under 6 hours. Plus, their prices are reasonable, charging around $31 for a single page of translation.

If you’re in need of a personal translation for school or general understanding purposes, LanguageLine is sufficient. If you need a high-quality translation, you’re advised to avoid LanguageLine like the plague.

Expand Your Brand With One of These Translation Companies

If you’re looking to expand your brand into foreign countries, these translation companies can undoubtedly help you to do so. Accommodating a wide variety of languages, they’ll help you translate everything from ad copy to press releases and more.

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