Prepare yourselves to embrace decors filled with cherry colours, mixed patterns, happy motifs and lots of unexpected twists. Kiss old trends a final goodbye and open your arms to a whole selection of latest furniture trends and decor ideas that will improve your home.

You just can’t imagine how expansive the furniture market has got. It is growing day by day with more options, experimentations, design palettes and simply amazing designs.

Here are some best furniture decor ideas and improve tips that you can adopt in your homes.  You’ll see the trend slopping more towards unusual textures, jaw-dropping colours, bespoke designs and lush luxurious materials.

1Formal dining sit-out

Formal dining sit-out

This trend is encouraging more family time together and food is the best place to gather around. Taking this thought further the decoration experts are showing innovative decor room layouts using dining furniture. There are plenty of uber stylish, chic designs that come under dinning furniture.

2Shiplap adds a rustic ambience to your home

Shiplap adds a rustic ambience to your home

This rustic trend was mostly found in country homes, but is slowly making way into the city homes. The shiplap inspired furniture designs, combined with urban material adds a lot of appeal and modern aesthetic to any house.

3Designs inspired by neutrals

Designs inspired by neutrals

Neutrals like taupe, blushed tones, pale pinks, light peach, sliver and pale blue are being preferred over the darker tones. With array of options to explore from in the furniture market, you’ll have difficulty making a decision. But believe us, this trend is making big and will instantly make your room come alive.

4Adding a splash of colour to bookshelves

Adding a splash of colour to bookshelves

Why limit bookshelves to the standard, boring and staple version of black, brown or mahogany. Just explore a bit more and you’ll know that trend is fast changing with technicolor strips doing rounds.

The colour can be changed according to preferences but you’ll totally love this new look. And imagine what an awesome additions it will be to your home decor. And not just bookshelves you can experiment this trend on your closets, chests, shoe racks etc.

5Green is in this year

Cherry green is quite a popular burst in home decor, fashion and commercial designs. It has in fact been named as the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. Greenery evokes refreshment and revitalization. Taking a cue here you can get your furniture dipped in the soothing effects of this shade teaming with terrarium Singapore decor pieces and see how your room or home gets enliven and brighten.

6Texture, Texture and some more texture

Welcome to designs that are enticing and engaging customers to new level of textual art. Furniture decor industry is using a lot of material manipulations like pleating, folding, huge stitches made from luxe yarns for furniture materials such as velvet and cotton.

Experts are suggesting it to be a huge macro-trend and say, “We’re all looking for this sense of comfort and having a place to rest in all the chaos and information we’re constantly having come at us.” Of course faux fur, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials is still going be huge hit; they always are, in the coming years.

7Concept of mixed patterns

Concept of mixed patterns

Taking inspiration from the New York Fashion Week as runway fashion has always been a significant catalyst for home spaces and decor. Pattern lover can be up for an amazing treat with pieces of mixed patterns to statement pieces in addition to enticing and mismatched patterns in combination with experimentations in hues of vinyl sheet flooring Singapore.

8Raw white is the latest hit

Designers are turning into artisanal, handcrafted goods will see the evolution of raw whites – the thick chalky white and bone white. Raw whites have always reflected an unearthed and handmade beauty that is hard to replicate.

The designers are speaking how, “It’s about the beauty of imperfection, that natural and organic look where you need some texture, because just solid flat white looks really sterile.”

9Artisanal touch is being preferred more

DIYs have been quite popular since ages, but it’s fast changing. Furniture that has the tinge of modern look of handmade artisan is being bought more. Quick and easy designs are being bought more than DIYs.

Home decor expert Carpenter says “You’ll see craftsmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with them emerge.” You will be amazed to know how incredible woodworking has got in recent years and is not just raw big chunks of recycled wood being carved, but a whole lot more.

10Antiques for furniture

Antiques for furniture

It not about pairing antiques with only things from same period. Warren Sheet explains how “No one will be interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in mind. While it’s great to have a period as your starting off point, you don’t have to adhere to it exclusively. It’s more aesthetically intriguing to create a look that cohesively mixes of elements from the past and the future.”

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