Top 5 Best VPNs for Torrenting & Torrents In 2018

Best VPNs

Pretty much all internet users can profit from using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), but for torrent downloaders, a VPN should be considered necessary. The BitTorrent protocol gives a decentralized platform for sharing all type of files with other users, but one point it is not private.

A VPN is also handy for unblocking restricted torrent sites. However, the does not condone copyright piracy.

Our experts have tested over 150 VPNs over the course of the last five years – looking for the best VPNs for torrenting. Let’s take a quick glance at our top picks. For more information on the services featured, keep scrolling down.

Cyber Ghost

Cyber GhostCyberGhost‘s software is easy-to-use with also being very thoroughly featured. It uses powerful encryption, and five simultaneous connections are acceptable. Being based in Romania and retaining no meaningful logs is also a big draw.

CyberGhost’s excellent logging policy, decent local (burst) speeds and thoroughly featured software are a winning combination. And with 7-day free of cost premium trial with 30-day easy money back guarantee, there is no particular reason not to give it a try.


BufferedBuffered is another best VPN for torrenting in our top 5 list. Situated in Gibraltar, it holds no usage logs and uses shared IPs, that makes it impossible for anyone to recognize the user. It is regularly rated in the fastest VPNs that we have testes, so their speeds are great and have a firewall based kill switch, which is the best approach for protecting dropped VPN servers.


ExpressVPNAlthough ExpressVPN does keep some connection logs, it’s located in the British Virgin Islands. This means it can gracefully protect your privacy with little worry of legal retaliation.

If you’re using a VPN for more than just torrenting, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice (in fact, the best on our list of top VPNs of 2018). Performance and execution are extremely fast. Customer service satisfaction is outstanding. And its 30-day money back guarantee is all it deserves to be.


PrivateVPNWhen it comes to budget VPNs for torrenting, PrivateVPN is one of the most budget-friendly alternatives, pulling in at only $3.60 per month for an annual plan + another 5-months free (17-month subscription). The low cost doesn’t intend it forfeits security: it boasts a strict no logs policy, secure encryption, and a built-in kill switch. It also has other winning features such as servers in 29 different countries, six simultaneous and super fast connections.


IPVanishvRegardless of the NSA’s mass-surveillance programs, the USA doesn’t have any obligatory data retention laws. IPVanish takes full benefit of this to offer a fast and efficient no-logs VPN service that is also friendly for the torrent. And with servers in over 60 different countries, you’ll always find one nearby you.

Importance of VPN for Torrenting

A VPN is an online privacy service that enables you to hide what you get up to on the internet from other users, get around blocks and other forms of licensing, and appear to be in the country to access many services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It will also guard you against hackers when using public WiFi networks, and, especially for this article, protect you while P2P filesharing.

How VPN protects you?

A P2P VPN protects your privacy when torrenting in the easy ways:

  • Disguise your activity from ISPs – Your ISP can’t see what you get up to on the internet as all data that moves between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted. This implies that your ISP cannot recognize what you are torrenting, or certainly that you are even torrenting.
  • Prevent others seeing your real IP address – Anyone watching from the internet (e.g., copyright owners who monitor the IP addresses of the torrent users who download their content) will see the IP address of applied VPN server, not your actual IP address. In other words, using a VPN protects your authentic IP address.

How is a “Torrent VPS” different?

A “torrent VPN” is a VPN service that enables torrenting! This may sound simple, but many downloaders assume all VPNs allow torrenting. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Indeed, some of the highest-profile VPN providers in the market doesn’t allow torrenting (or enable legal torrenting). If any of these services receive a DMCA complaint or comparable, then you may get your subscription canceled. Some providers also hand over customers’ information to copyright holders!

Fortunately, several reputable VPN companies do good businesses out of preserving their P2P-using customers. Just be sure that you choose one of these! All the VPN providers listed above, fall into this category.

Is downloading Torrent legal?

It is 100% legal to torrent content that doesn’t have a copyright. But, if we’re honest, many people torrent to obtain copyrighted material. In maximum countries, downloading copyrighted content is a criminal offense. This means that downloading content for your use is not a crime, but being caught may result in disciplinary measures being inflicted by the government or your ISP.

Copyright owners can also take you to court and demand costs for the loss of income your piracy has affected them. A particularly nasty offshoot of this, which is growing common, is the measure known as “speculative invoicing.”

A word on Free-VPN for Torrent

Running a VPN service is a significant operation, but expensive too. No-one will do this for free of cost. There are free VPN services, but the more important of these offer free plans that are limited in many ways. They then hope these will tempt you into paying for a premium paid subscription. There are no free torrent VPNs nevertheless! Dealing with the hassle of DMCA notifications and the like isn’t worth it for non-paying users! Interestingly, though, famous free VPN serve Hotspot Shield does now allow P2P.


Unless you live in Switzerland, or somewhere in the world where you don’t have to care about copyright risk, you would be bonkers to download torrents without the assurance of an excellent VPN service provider.