Vegas, Baby! Everyone understands the two-word motto to mean that Las Vegas is a place to find excitement and adventure. Although rooms at the swanky resorts like the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace can go for up to $500 a night, it doesn’t mean you have to go broke. There are plenty of deals online at travel sites in general and in particular. You can select by a variety of factors, such as what part of town you want to see and the type of accommodation you want. There are many ways to stay within your overall budget.

6Schedule your visit for off-season

las vegas Schedule your visit for off-season

People flock to Vegas in droves for vacations, special occasions, and just because it’s there.  During the summer, the streets are mobbed and it’s difficult to even find a slot machine in the packed casinos.  The businesses try to accommodate you, setting up fans and sprinklers along the road, but in general terms, it’s beastly hot there during the summer.  The best rates are early fall; September, October, or November.  The same room will cost 2 – 3 times more during peak season.  Of course you can check for shows to make the trip at a special time.  Bargains on shows can be found at with up to half price off your show ticket when you pick them up the day before.  You can also look for a great show on their site by clicking the link for Vegas Shows at the top of the page, then check for half price when you arrive.

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