Best Ways to get better skin

Best Ways to get better skin

With warmer weather on the way and skin exposure an almost guarantee, many people are considering ways to make their skin appear healthy, moist and supple. While your skin may be on show more often in the summer months, it’s important to remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body and often the first to show signs of bad health. Keeping your skin healthy is a year round game, so read on to find out the best ways to get better skin.

5Consider water

Consuming water is one of the biggest factors in a happy, healthy body. Clean water is the lubricant that keeps your body functioning well. Chronic dehydration (which is more common than we think) can show up in a multitude of ways, including dry patches on the skin, sallow looking skin, and dark circles. Skin may look slack and dull without the correct amount of moisture.

But the water you drink is not the only water you should take into consideration; your home’s water can also play a big role in your skin’s appearance. For example, soft water does not completely wash away soap residue, which can leave skin dull and prone to outbreaks. On the other hand, hard water can diminish lather in soaps and cause people to use more cleanser than they need, which leads to dry skin.

Consider having your home’s water tested or checking the water quality with your local government if you feel that you may be suffering from these issues.