Best Ways to amuse your kids in the summer

How to amuse your kids in the summer

When school is out and the kids are home for the long, hot days of summer there can be a lot of initial excitement but as the days drag on and you find your children becoming attached to their electronic devices or complaining about boredom you will start to look for any way to amuse them. Finding ways to entertain kids can be tricky (and expensive) but we have collected several ways that you can cheaply and effectively have fun with your kids while keeping them healthy and learning. Read on to find out how to amuse your kids this summer.

1The library

While it may sound initially like a boring spot to bring you kids, libraries are not what they used to be. Modernized and upgraded, many libraries now contain much more than books. The days of hushing libraries and quiet, stuffy rooms are gone and have been replaced with clean, up-to-date facilities offering books, movies, games and interactive centres. They also will often have child-centric activities centered on structured learning guided by trained staff. The best part? Almost all events held at or in libraries are free of charge. Some libraries even incorporate movie theatres that offer family friendly fun that allows you to get out of the heat.

2Visit a farmers’ market

Sometimes, there can be nothing worse than knowing you’ll have to take your kids grocery shopping. You don’t like you errands and your kids hate them even more. Grocery shopping exposes children to a glut of items that they want and can’t have and leaves them tired and bored.

If you need to pick up some food and have to bring the kiddies, consider planning a trip to your local farmers’ market instead. Not only will this visit support your local agriculture and economy, you can use this as an opportunity to introduce your kids to different vegetables and fruits and have the growers on hand to explain and allow a sample.

Farmers’ markets also allow your children to have a better connection with where their food comes from and how it’s produced.

3Cook together

Just got back from the farmers market and need to start a meal? Consider involving your kids. Cooking together lets your kids get involved in a fundamental part of your families’ life and gives them a certain amount of control and independence. Cooking together can help spark discussions about nutrition, food types and the benefits of home cooked meals. If this feels intimidating, try planning a recipe that will be easy for your children to master and will be something they can enjoy when its complete.

4Volunteer as a family

Volunteering as a family can give you the chance to demonstrate important values like empathy, gratitude and community responsibility. These concepts can be difficult to explain to a child and it can be vital to see them validated by their family members. You and your little ones can deliver meals to the elderly, volunteer at a soup kitchen or at an animal shelter. These volunteering opportunities get your kids out of the house, allow your family to bond together and can give your children a chance to see your morals in action.

5Hike together

Hiking is a wonderful way to be a tourist in your own town and to expose your children to the beauty of nature, all while getting in some great exercise. Plan ahead to find a trail that matches your kids (and your) health and age levels and pack according to needs. While the concept might seem intimidating, family hikes are a great way for older children to bond with their parents while enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature. Who knows? You may get them hooked and they’ll have you out there every weekend.

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