5 Best Ways to Eat More Often and Still Losing Weight

5 Best Ways to Eat More Often

Looking to lose weight with out making diet find our how :

1Make sure you’re buying the right foods

Soups and whole wheat pasta make much better lunches than chips and burgers. Before you start making an effort eating more regularly, make sure your fridge is full of healthy food that’s good for you.

2Plan your meals

It’s much easier to stick to a dieting plan once you actually write it down on a piece of paper. I make a list of what I’ll have for each meal every day for the whole week, and take it with me when grocery shopping. This way, I have enough food for all the 5 meals for every single day of the week and it also helps me be more organized when it comes to food.

3Have a schedule

What I did to make sure I have 5 small meals a day was I set an automatic alarm clock on my iPhone, which was telling me it was my meal time 5 times a day. The first alarm was going off at 8am when I was supposed to have breakfast, then at 11am – when it was time for my first healthy snack, at 1pm – when it was lunch time, at 4pm – for my second snack and for my dinner at 7pm. Now it has become a part of my daily routine and I don’t really need these notifications any more, but it was a great way to get organized and start eating more often.

4Don’t have extra snacks

5 small meals a day is pretty much all you need to feel full and happy the whole day long. So, when trying to eat regularly, do get rid of biscuits and cakes that can become a real temptation to extra-snack, especially when you are under a lot of stress. A couple of gained pounds is probably the last thing on Earth that’ll make you feel better about yourself and your life/job/love… So, please, stay away from the evil snacks!

5Don’t drink when eating

I used to eat much more and feel less full because I tried to have 2 glasses of water with each meal (it seemed so much easier to have my 8 glasses of water with food). But turns out drinking water (or any other beverage, especially ice-cold beverages) when eating actually makes us feel less full and the water we have with food also does not let the food get digested properly. So the best thing is to drink water before eating or to have a hot cup of tea 20 minutes after your meal. This way you will feel fuller eating less and will still have your daily amount of water!

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