10 Best Ways to Let Girl Know you are Interested

Best Ways to Let Girl Know you are Interested

When you meet a girl you like it can be difficult to admit to her that your feelings have blossomed into something deeper. The fear of rejection can stop you from letting her know how you feel, but there are ways to reveal your feelings to her without putting it all on the line. Read through our 10 ways to let a girl know you are interested to see if any of our tips can help you.

1Be kind

There are a lot of terrible suggestions about attracting a girl that include negativity, ‘negging’ or teasing may be encouraged by pickup artists and children, but being kind to the girl you’re interested in will go far. Throwing in a genuine comment about something you admire about her, like her smarts or her skills, will go much farther than telling her that her friend is hotter.

2Talk to her

Standing back and being cool and collected (ie – quiet) doesn’t tell her that you like her. It says you’re uninterested or bored, both things you probably want to avoid. If you want to get your foot in the door, you’ll need to actually approach her and start up a conversation. This applies whether you’re at the office or at the bar.

3Ask her things

Ever heard the phrase ‘everyone is just waiting for their chance to talk’? Well now’s your chance to disprove it. If you ask follow up questions to events in her life or things you remember her mentioning, it will show that you genuinely listen to her and are interested in her life, and that’s charming.

4Ask for her opinion

Asking for a girl’s opinion on choices you’re making in your life, no matter how small, shows her that you care what she thinks. It says: ‘what you think about me matters’ and that is essentially telling her, without words, that what she thinks about you romantically also maters.

5Connect with her

If you’re feeling it for someone, start sending her picture messages or funny gifs of things that remind you of her. If you worry this might be creepy, remember the key word here is funny. If she mentioned a TV show she was laughing about and you see a reference to it and send her a picture message about it, she’ll start seeing that you’re thinking about her when she’s away.

6Get her laughing

Laughter is an easy connector and a fast way to disarm someone. If a girl thinks you’re funny, she’ll find you more you trustworthy and intriguing, so figure out what cracks her up and use it. Quick tip: don’t be cruel. She may laugh when you make fun of others, but it will plant a seed of doubt in her about your character.

7Touch her

First off, don’t touch her in a creepy way. We mean a light, friendly touch. A quick hand on the shoulder as a ‘thanks for that’, a touch on the elbow to guide her someplace add up quickly. We’re very aware of our bodies and we notice immediately when someone is touching us, and we notice when they do it often.

8Follow through

To stand out from the crowd, be a man of your word. If you mention lunch on Friday and she seems keen, then show up for it. If you say you’ll text her, do it. If she sees you as steadfast and dependable, she’ll open up to you more and let herself see you as more than a friend.

9Get long with her friends

When you get a chance to meet her friends, make an impression on them. Just like how your friends’ opinions of someone can shape your view of them, she follows her friends’ opinions as well. If they like you, there’s a better chance she’ll like you.

10Don’t ever kiss and tell

If you move past shoulder pats and jokes to the bedroom, keep it quiet. We don’t mean don’t tell anyone you’re involved, but don’t share intimate details. What happens when your pants are off is private and if she hears that you’ve been telling your friends about her birthmark, she won’t be back in your bed any time soon.