Best ways to remember Anythings

Best ways to remember things

In these hectic, technology-driven days, it’s easy to forget little details… like your dental appointment or to bring a gift for a co-worker’s birthday.  Everyone has so much going on at any given point it’s almost impossible to remember everything.  Making the technology work for you or developing  a routine are some of the ways you can improve your memory and avoid embarrassing moments when you forget something by following these 5 Best ways to remember anythings.

5Cell Phones

Almost everyone carries a cell phone today, and virtually all come with a calendar app loaded.  If you use your phone frequently for  activities other than calling, you probably can manage a calendar on your phone.  When you make an appointment, take a moment to note the date in your phone calendar, even if you don’t have time to enter the details.  Chances are you will remember what it was about when you get your notification.  Better yet, update your calendar at the end of each day – don’t forget to set up the text reminder – for all the appointments you made or to note something you want to be sure not to forget.

4Hang a Calendar

Go old school and hang an actual hardcopy calendar on your wall.  They are available anywhere and can be purchased relatively cheaply. You can even make one with your own pictures and special dates from most photo places such as or Walgreens. Place it somewhere you know you see it at the beginning of your day, such as in the kitchen near the coffee, or at your desk where you check your email or Facebook page.

3Make Lists

Keep a small notebook either on your desk, in your purse, or in a place you can almost always access.  Use it to write things down as soon as you realize it’s something you have to remember to do, before you have a chance to forget.  These lists don’t have to be categorized or in any particular order.  The act of writing the task on the list serves as another reminder since most people are tactile (learn by doing) rather than auditory (remembering everything you hear), so it is a double reminder.  You can also use post-its to make short notes for things you need to remember and stick them where you will see it as your day begins – perhaps on the refrigerator door.  Pluck the note in the morning and put it on your to-do list for the day.

2Find Time

Everyone is busy, there is no disputing that fact.  The only way to find time is to make a conscious effort to schedule a 10-15 minute break in the action to gather your thoughts and memories for the day.  This could be over morning coffee, or with your Sleepy Time Tea before bed the night before.  Having a set time to organize your day and make sure there’s nothing important that you could forget should become habitual if possible.  It’s only a few minutes, you owe it to yourself to take that time and make your life easier and more manageable.

1The Old String Around your Finger Trick

For those occasions when you are sure you’ll forget, try the old ways.  Tying a string around your finger, or a rubber band on your wrist will remind you that there’s something you have to remember.  Just like with repetition, it will seep into your brain every time you see that string or rubber band.  Psychologically speaking, you are actually using your tactile memory (remembering the action of putting it on), which reminds you of the item or activity you need to remember.  It’s not the most reliable method in the world, but it could work in a pinch; if your boss reminds you to bring that report to the meeting, the string will be there to remind you if nothing else.

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