If you are considering build a website in 2019 you are on the right track. And if you already have one but are underwhelmed by your hosting service and wish to shift to another hosting provider, you have every right to migrate.

But do you think web design is the ultimate service for building your own website?

Well, there’s an even more important place to begin your digital migration.

In 2017, it became clear that it is not just online businesses that need a website to boost their web presence. Even brick-and-mortar businesses need a website to become discoverable in 2019; tap into local business search traffic to attract and direct customers to their local store.

But websites are not only a business thing.

Personal websites have caught on in the past couple of years. And if you are looking to self-host your say, WordPress site, this article is for you too.

And now to what you’ve been waiting for:

World’s Best Web Hosting Providers for 2019 Reviews

1. InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting logo
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: $3.95/mo
Deal: 250 Free Advertising Credits
Special: 50% off Special promotion for 5BestThings

They are big on reliable customer service that is US based. You can instantly reach them via phone, chat, email, ticketing portal, and their information-packed forum.

InMotion is also particularly ideal if you want a high-level security plan for your hosting needs (for all their packages, too). They offer a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, active malware protection and spam-filtering, a secure shell, and free data backups so you can recover important data in case of a slip.

See web hosting plans from InMotion

Small businesses, in particular, will love the unlimited packages offered here. Those include endless emails, customization options with over 400 compatible applications (including ecommerce and service plugins), and affordable yet feature-packed packages—even includes hosting two websites with the starter package, one of which is a free domain.

You can then keep tabs on the functions from the web host’s cPanel for easy content management at a click. All their operations run on Solid State Drives (SSD), so expect fast-loading and fluid experiences too—and their 90-day moneyback guarantee is incredible.

Yet if WordPress is your thing, InMotion goes beyond optimizing your WP hosting to pre-installing WP, offering free themes, and a free and easy to use drag-n-drop site builder.

Choose InMotion Hosting if you want a ton of functionality in features, customization options and an affordable package suited for scalability as you grow

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2. SiteGround Hosting

siteground Web Hositng Review
Uptime: 99.98%
Cost: $3.95/mo

Site Ground have various plans that would appeal to both newbies and veterans, or new businesses and older businesses with higher resource needs.

Either way, they offer a rich selection of WordPress-centric and overall hosting plans. Whichever way you choose, hosting plans are paid the same; aptly named StartUp package for $9.95, GrowBig package for $14.95, and the ultimate package, the GoGeek one for $29.95—all of them on a monthly basis.

See web hosting plans from SiteGround

Keep in mind though, all payments are made on an annual basis unlike HostGator’s month-to-month offering. So if you wanted to test out SiteGround for a longer stretch before signing on for the long haul, that would not be an option here.

The GoGeek package lets you switch to top gear with 30GB storage cap and a capacity to host up to 100,000 visitors with unlimited WordPress sites.

At the end of the day though, SiteGround’s uptimes (a credible 99.98%), customer service responsiveness and issues resolve ability are pretty assuring.

SiteGround is well suited for both beginners and growing businesses—especially if you do not plan on sharing hosting and your systems are mostly Linux based

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3. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting Review
Uptime: 99.99%
Cost: $5.01/mo
A2 Hosting has earned its good reputation for its 99.9% uptimes, responsive and quality customer support, fast performance and array of hosting tiers to boot and boost.

Especially helpful are:

An infrastructural system build entirely on SSD storage for slashing down site loading times. Also, a semi-dedicated hosting option where non-technical operators can easily control their VPS-dedicated combo of activity from a standard cPanel.

See web hosting plans from A2 Hosting

But more experienced site owners can knock themselves out with their SSH remote access offering. And in case of slip-ups, their capable support staff is available on phone around the clock.

Still, A2 Hosting offers a free site migration if you love their service after blasting through their 30-day moneyback guarantee.

A2 Hosting is great for nontechnical website owners who want a reliable, available and wallet-friendly hosting package

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4. HostGator Hosting

HostGator Review Uptime: 99.97%
Cost: $2.75/mo
Ahead of GoDaddy is this all-in-one web hosting service for everyone; from newbies to pro web operators.

You can find a site building tool or hosting plan or host type or what have you onboard. It’s awesome to know you get unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and emails across all HostGator pricing tiers.

You also get a wide range of quality hosting plans, which you can switch among to suit your growth (and avoid having to switch over to a new hosting provider).

See web hosting plans from HostGator

On that note, and unlike GoDaddy (the other comprehensive hosting web host), you get Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with the basic, $2.75 plan—a good thing if you foresee yourself using VoIP phone services much (whether you are a consumer or business).

Anticipate getting your own free domain (you get to choose your IP addresses too) so you can get started right away. And if running a business, their free site transfer will appeal to you too—which is blasphemy for some other hosting providers.

Their customer support is on-point too—ensuring you get things done fast and thoroughly each time. Although they do not offer SSD storage on all fronts and only support Linux integration with their VPS hosting service.

If you want the peace and calm that comes with a reliable, fast and incredibly networked web host—all under one cPanel (or Plesk UI), signing on with or switching to HostGator is a smart move

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5. Hostinger

Hostinger logo Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $2.15/mo
Europe-based Hostinger is a good option for both novices and growing businesses (their comprehensive tutorials help a bunch).

Also, while you can choose a US or UK server, its HQ location means you have various options when it comes to data retention rights and contract signing options as required by EU law.

You’ll like how they go on to offer full disclosure in a comprehensive comparison table. That way you can really understand what you are signing up to. And whether you should sign on with them or not.

See web hosting plans from Hostinger

For example, you’d note that their base, Single Web Hosting plan is strictly web mail only and won’t support IMAP, SMTP or POP3 access to their email account. Also, note the $2.15 price tag on it is for a 2-year plan for either personal or family (home) use.

The Premium option adds SSH access for secure access to advanced configurations, speedier operations for up to three WordPress sites, and a free domain name (when you purchase the annual plan). With the Business package you basically get more processing power, live support at your beckon, and daily backups—it means business, no doubt.

And all plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. But keep in mind, like a number of other competing web host offers, you will not get your cash back for registering a domain name.

Hostinger’s decent and flexible plans can help you get started or when you are looking to make the move to a more growth oriented web host. They have a plan you’ll like

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6. 1 &1 Hosting

1and1 domain registration review logo Uptime: 99.00%
A big player in the web hosting deals in 2018.

Expect an easy to use, fast and reliable hosting experience from 1&1 Hosting. Online businesses can anticipate a useful bunch of online marketing programs and rich ecommerce features, as well as Office 365 integrated.

They have plenty of useful features to offer for their decidedly affordable (first-year) hosting deals.

See web hosting plans from 1&1

For example, you get a stunning 300Gbps connectivity speed, a free domain, SSL certificates across all packages, and unlimited storage. And they offer free transfers, backup your data every 24 hours, and offer free recoveries in case you need it back.

Much like InMotion, you can expect top-tier customer support around the clock via various channels including phone and live chat.

And you’ll like how knowledgeable the staff is—an absolute plus. But whether you are techy or just starting out in the area, their tools are easy to use, their cPanel handy, and 30-day moneyback guarantee assuring.

 Choose 1&1 Hosting if you want consistent uptime, user-friendly experience, best-in-class WordPress hosting, a massive load of features and intuitive pricing

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7. DreamHost

dreamhost logo Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $10.95/mo
DreamHost are so confident in their service that they offer a stunning 97-day moneyback guarantee.

That pretty much means you are free to really get their web hosting resources working for you before you can settle in with them for a long-term relationship.

It is bound to be a happy ever after for several reasons, too:

You get a decent array of hosting bundles to choose from, test and greenlight, wide-range of security features, and domain management tools. Anticipate unlimited storage, emails, domains, subdomains, bandwidth—adding up to a superior hosting experiencing them.

See web hosting plans from Dreamhost

Their servers are fast and available, a good thing considering they do not offer phone support (chat and tickets available). And if you use Windows-based applications, their Windows-free servers service might not be for you. Still, you get just one managed WordPress hosting option if that’s a concern for you.

However, DreamHost offers one of (if not) the best cloud hosting services (and VPS) in the business. Fast and consistently connected.

DreamHost is your go-to hosting provider if you prioritize dependable VPS and Cloud hosting at a good bargain

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8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Review 2018 Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $0.99/mo
The giant of all things web hosting is decidedly big on features, which uptime is a major thumbs-up.

Just starting out and need an all-inclusive web hosting vendor to help you start and scale up with time?

GoDaddy can provide almost everything you need: from a GoDaddy domain registration, easy to use and flexible site building tools, various integrations, a wide-range of hosting plans you can use to scale up the GoDaddy web hosting service to rather affordable monthly packages and Linux/Windows hosting options.

See web hosting plans from Godaddy

Expect a bunch of useful site builders, customization tools, and robust customer support. It’s huge size also assures you of a myriad of compatibility options although you’ll need to check for specific tools you’d need.

But GoDaddy is not infallible in terms of integrations, layouts and graphics needs.

Yet, once you sign up with them, you will never be able to migrate the domain name to another web hosting service—stuck for life.

Choose GoDaddy for a one-stop-shop for all web hosting needs and impeccable uptime—although you’d be stuck with them for life

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9. BlueHost

Bluehost Review Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $3.95/mo
If your business needs are not tied to Windows operating systems, BlueHost is an affordable, flexible and easy to use option.

Their Linux based VPS servers are also great if you do not expect or have configurations that require a shared server setup—a maddening story if you need a Windows based VPS server. Neither do they offer a month-to-month package—annual is the offered choice here.

Expect several options for every type of hosting they offer; dedicated, VPS, shared and WordPress Site Hosting. That means you can start out with them and grow as your needs expand—in pretty much the same ways as other web hosts in this review.

See web hosting plans from Bluehost

You’ll like their SSD based system. Its fast and, overall, stable with excellent uptimes. Combine these with their knowledgable and responsive staff and it is an pleasant experience overall.

Where BlueHost tops its siblings though is in security matters. With any of their plans, you’ll get three antispam programs, ability to password-protect your directories, as well as manage digital certificates and private keys. To top it all, you get a CloudFlare boost to security and performance. So it is not easy to suffer denial of service hits with this combo.

And then there’s their Weebly website builder which makes it blazing fast to set up your site and get going. Plus they offer a bunch of ecommerce tools, so you can choose the one that appeals best to you and your end users—including Magento and ShopSite and a bunch of email-marketing tools.

“Bluehost are popular for several reasons, best among them for their flexible hosting tiers and scalable offerings—worst of which is their incessant upgrade offers”

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9. Media Temple

media temple Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $20.00/mo

While not nearly as cheap as other web hosting providers reviewed here, this privately held hosting service provider is feature-packed—and specially optimized for high-quality, high-traffic and dedicated hosting services—for web pros, too.

If impeccable customer support and security keeps you churning, Media Temple has some of the best staff in the world’s best web hosting services.

We figure their hosting plans are best suits for businesses that have been grinding a while—to justify the cost, although they are a chunk value-packed compared to what you get in return and what the competition is offering.

See web hosting plans from Media Temple

Take their basic, dedicated hosting plan for example:

You get a hearty 5TB of bandwidth, blazing fast 16GB RAM and Quad-core (clocking at 3.4GHz) processing power. And you’ll struggle to wipe out the 500GB of prompt SSD storage and additional 1TB (SATA) backup for possible recoveries.

You get that for $199/month.

However, you can opt for their $55/month VPS/cloud hosting option for a slice of their stellar, dedicated hosting.

They do not offer shared hosting, at all. And do not expect a moneyback guarantee either.

Choose Temple Media hosting for stellar customer support, top-of-class dedicated hosting, and scalable plans for your growing business

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7 Types of Web Hosting Services Available Now

1. Shared Hosting

This option means you’ll be sharing your allocated server with several other businesses or web accounts. It also means you share the costs, and shared hosting is usually the most affordable to start out with.

If you are an aspiring site owner and want to test out the hosting waves or do not need or expect too many visitors, this is a good option to kickstart from.

However, keep in mind how your hosting neighbors behave will almost directly affect how your own site behaves. For instance, if any site(s) on your shared server is raking in a whole lot more visitors and content, they are likely to hog a significant chunk of the shared server resources such as bandwidth, storage, and RAM. And that could put your site (and the others onboard) in a limbo.

If you are the one hogging the resources, know that hosting providers fine extra usage that exceeds your paid-for package.

2. Dedicated Hosting

If sharing seems off, you can opt for your business’ own server— A dedicated hosting service is the opposite of a shared hosting experience. allows you to have exclusive control over your site and site’s behavior.

f you have or expect huge traffic, a dedicated hosting provider ensures you have the resources you need to not only sustain the spikes but also allow for quick-loading, consistently smooth browsing and reliable uptime for your customers to contact you or access your online services.

For the extra packs, a dedicated web hosting service costs more which is natural.

3. VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Servers offer similar site hosting services as cloud servers. Both offer a hybrid between shared and dedicated hosting options. You get to enjoy the benefits of a private (dedicated resources) hosting experience with the added affordability props offered in a shared hosting package.

Be sure to shop around for this one. VPS hosting resource allocations defer a big deal across the board.

Looking into cloud computing power with endless scalability options?

Cloud computing is not only affordable these days, you can also practically carry your business data around, scale operation resources on demand, and still welcome your clients to enjoy the fast and reliable service of other hosting types available now. This is mainly because cloud servers rely on several networks to get you these parameters ticking like clockwork.

The scalability bit means, unlike physical servers, your site is likely to roll on smoothly when attacked with a DDoS attack meant to crash it by bombarding it with a ton of traffic out of the blues.

4. Co-located Hosting

Still, you can choose to buy your own server and have it kept with other businesses’ in a hosting vendor’s data center. That would allow you to do whatever you like with your dedicated server at any time.

Of course, buying a server may not be the most affordable way to get started. But if you value a dedicated service that you have complete control over what it does for you, want tighter security and privacy, and don’t mind the extra cash-out, co-located hosting might be your thing.

5. Managed WordPress Hosting

Speaking of more control and higher premiums, if you want a dedicated WordPress hosting service, some of the top web hosting companies we review here offer it at differing customization, scalability and pricing levels.

In return, you can expect stricter security, consistently reliable uptimes, priority customer support and resources allocation for your WP site. But whether your custom plugins get any support from your favorite web host provider is another story.

6. Ecommerce Hosting

Online businesses and personal online stores take note.

An ecommerce hosting option empowers you to avail a number of ecommerce-ready features such as adding a shopping cart (say, a Shopify button), customer-service email(s), your own web server to support your digital marketing campaigns, and so on.

Oh, another thing, the extra special packs cost more—but you already knew that.

7. Reseller Hosting

Yet some of the larger web hosting services we discuss here allow you to come on in as a reseller of subdomains. So you can set and back up your own web hosting company under them.
You’ll want to ensure you read the fine print and find out what limits you can’t afford the parent hosting provider superimpose on your business and also consider how efficient your relationship will turn out (read reviews widely) before signing on to a longer commitment.

8 Decisive Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hosting Company in 2019

Here are the crucial components that’ll help you decide among the best web hosting companies.

Domain Name Registration

Almost every web host here offers at least one free domain for the first year. You can ring any of them and have their customer service guide you through their domain and hosting registration process.

But before that:


Think about it:

You want customers and partners to find you online when they need to.

There’s no point having a website when it is constantly out of reach, unavailable or loading super slowly because your web hosting company can’t reliably keep it running even when you receive sudden spikes in traffic.

That’s why considering site hosting uptime guarantees is so critical. Hundreds of hosting companies claim to offer up to 99% uptimes but most only lip-synch to the claim. Our top picks for 12 best web hosting providers in 2019 pretty much offer this, but for when times are hard, you’ll need this next consideration below.

Customer Support

No hosting service can claim to offer 100% uptimes.

When things get sticky, you want to reach your site’s host first and fast via phone or live chat.

Sloppy customer support could mean a painful loss of significant income, valuable customers, concerned partners or priceless exposure. So it matters if they are fast, knowledgeable, and not always bombarding you with upgrade offers (and FAQ page links) instead of helping you solve the burning issues at any time of day or night.


Often, top web hosting services offer either Windows-based or Linux based hosting.

Check if you are using a .NET coded app on your site or Windows-based server-side applications such as SQL Server you want to go for a Windows based hosting server.

Otherwise, Linux is a great option (and quite the standard in many cases), especially now that you do not have to be a load technically inclined to code HTML lines in Command Line—simply click on easy-to-identify buttons and it’s done.

Features and Ease of Use

The thing to check in features is what area does the web hosting service provider orientates towards.

Some like GoDaddy are uptime, reliability, and scalability inclined. Others like InMotion offer excellent WordPress hosting while still others such as GreenGeeks are more support and security inclined than the rest.

But we found others such as 1&1, Liquid Host and HostGator offering an all-in-one solution to web hosting at affordable rates. So maybe you prioritize email hosting, ecommerce features, site building tools, unlimited resources, speed, affordability, diverse pricing packages, and dependable customer service.

Our web hosting companies review comprises of web hosts that offer differing free trial periods. Free web hosting plans (and moneyback guarantees ranging between 30 and 90 days) empower you to test-drive the hosting service before committing to a long-term contract.


Yes, each web hosting package comes with its unique offering and cost.

Often you’ll find packages priced monthly and a few more on an annual basis.

And every year you can grab yourself a great Black Friday web hosting deals, with the discounts up to 90%.

Of note here, though, is you’ll want to check beyond the advertised hosting prices to avoid “hidden” charges. Because sometimes the standard prices are (heavily) discounted, you might miss checking what obligations you’ll have to bail out once the offer is over or at the renewal point.

Also, check what fines you are likely to endure if you blast past your allocated resources probably due to an unexpected surge in traffic and activity on your site. That way you can avoid any financial surprises that could lead to your site being snapped off-air for a stretch.

Hosting Server Resources

How reliable your hosting service turns out will depend on the resources attached to the hosting deals you purchase. Be sure to compare at least three hosting providers and score their storage caps, bandwidth caps, allocated CPU and RAM power, as well as the various hosting types they have available.


Do you foresee significant growth in your web presence in the near future?

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Having a well-rounded criterion for choosing the best web hosting services is crucial to helping you find the most reliable and suitable hosting provider for you. So dedicating more prime time to finding your best hosting service will save you a ton of hassle in operations, growth and data management in future.

Our top picks for the world’s best web hosting providers for 2019 comprises of top-of-class web hosts with a tried-and-tested reputation. So you can look deeper and determine which hosting service best suits your hosting needs.

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Apr 27, 2016 5:27 pm

You should add rosehosting.com to the list. They have really stable and affordable hosting

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Someone forgot Glowhost hosting

Educational ERP Eduflex
Educational ERP Eduflex
Feb 11, 2016 10:02 am

We are using a local dedicated hosting for http://eduflex.co.in/. Which of the above service is best for dedicated hosting?. Any experience , please do share with us.

Feb 11, 2016 12:12 pm

We highly recommend Peer1 and KnownHost

Educational ERP Eduflex
Educational ERP Eduflex
Feb 12, 2016 4:50 am
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