Gone are the days when mice used to be sluggish and inconvenient due to their cords. In this age, mice are wireless and come in various shapes depending on user preferences. However, there are preferences that cut across the board and mice user can agree on. These are features that make a good mouse. For instance, comfort, durability, sensor and connectivity. These features among others determine the list below of the best wireless mice that you can find in the market.

Logitech MX Master

Logitech MX MasterRating: 9.0 of 10User Rating:
Starting Price: $63.95 
A stand out among the best wireless mice, Logitech MX master is the best of the bunch. It boasts of powerful functionality and advanced features that are suitable for gaming. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 days on a single charge. In addition, you can charge it for a day’s use in less than 5 minutes. Logitech MX Master supports both Windows and Mac PCs and is capable of working on a table top, glass or desk. This is made possible with its Darkfield laser sensors.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity- Up to 3 paired devices
  • Thumb Wheel
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Connectivity
  • 5 buttons
  • USB receiver can connect up to six supported Logitech devices

At Amazon $63

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Logitech MX Anywhere 2Rating: 9.0 of 10User Rating:
Starting Price: $54.38  
Similar to its brother the MX master, the MX anywhere 2 simply does it all. This device is a go-anywhere do-anything type of mouse. There is no mouse in the market that offers the long range or two month battery life from a single charge other than MX anywhere 2. However, even with such impressive traits, its main attraction is the darkfield laser sensor that works perfectly on any surface. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 has an ultra-fast scrolling that allows effortless browsing. For a more personalized experience, a user can download Logitech’s Option software and customize the mouse according to his preference.


  • Long range use
  • Long battery life-up to 2 months
  • Pairs up to three devices at once
  • 6 buttons
  • Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless

At Amazon $54

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2Rating: 9.0 of 10User Rating:
Starting Price: $76.50   
Despite solely being designed for apple computers, Apple Magic Mouse 2 still makes the list of the best wireless mice because of its excellent functionality. With Apple magic mouse 2, scrolling through tonnes of documents and webpages is effortless thanks to its optimized foot design and scroll wheel. In addition, it has multi touch gestures such as swiping and zooming. It’s built in battery lasts up to a month from a single charge that takes 9 hours to fully charge.


  • Trackpad-like multi-touch surface
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

At Amazon $76

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705

Logitech M705 WirelessRating: 9.0 of 10User Rating:
Starting Price: $21.08  
Another mouse from the Logitech collection is the marathon mouse M705. The M705 suits a variety of hand sizes and grips. It moves smoothly on all surfaces except the mirror. The marathon mouse has programmable buttons and one that toggles between different scrolling features.  This wireless mouse if famous for its long lasting battery life. It can last up to twice the time of most wireless mice in the market. The M705 is power efficient and can last up to 3 years. It has an ultra-responsive and accurate cursor that offer quick and easy swapping and multitasking.


  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Long lasting battery life of up to 3 years

At Amazon $21

Razer Mamba Wireless

Razer Mamba WirelessRating: 9.0 of 10User Rating:
Starting Price: $79.99 
Lastly, there is the razer mamba wireless. This device is actually a gaming mouse with very powerful and ultra-sensitive dpi laser sensors. Additional highlights include an ergonomic body with adjustable lighting, two hex screws at the bottom for adjusting the click force and a nice charging dock. The mamba also has Chroma lighting accents on the sides and along the scroll wheel. What’s more, the color schemes can be customized as desired or synched with other Chroma-enabled gadgets. The lighting systems can also be set to show battery life. The only blemish would be a battery life of 30 hours from a single charge.


  • Wireless latency of a thousandth of a second
  • 1,800 DPI
  • Ergonomic design

At Amazon $79


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