It cost $500 million.. Bezos’ yacht enters open waters


This week, the gigantic yacht belonging to Jeff Bezos – Amazon’s billionaire founder – embarked on its maiden voyage as part of the testing process during its construction.

As reported by Business Insider and Yahoo News, the impressive vessel measuring 417 feet (127 meters) has recently advanced to a new cycle of testing before it is ready for its maiden voyage.

The Dutch Yachting Club recently released a breathtaking video of sailing, giving viewers an inside look into the thrilling journey.

The process of testing a yacht is composed of various trials, and open water sailing customarily serves as one of the last phases before completion. Consequently, this implies that Amazon founder’s boat must be almost ready to navigate on the seas!

If all tests are successful and the building process is finished, the luxurious “Kuru” yacht will stand as the most prodigious sailing vessel in existence at a price of 500 million dollars.

The people of Rotterdam, the Netherlands have been put off by this yacht being constructed in their town. Oceanco, its designer, has requested to dismantle a historic bridge- Koningshavenbrug Bridge – for it to pass through due to its three masts exceeding the height requirement. This decision hasn’t gone over well with local citizens and they are expressing their discontentment quite vocally.