Biden’s private doctor reveals developments in his health condition

Biden private doctor reveals developments

On Thursday, the White House released a medical report from US President Joe Biden’s personal physician that confirmed his remarkable health for an 80-year-old. As stated by Agence France-Presse, Biden is “in good health, active and capable of performing his duties.” It is clear that despite his advanced age, he has no difficulty serving in the highest office of leadership.

According to Doctor Kevin O’Connor, President Biden is in exemplary health and maintains an active lifestyle at the age of 80. He remains fully equipped to fulfill his presidential responsibilities as head of state, executive branch leader, and commander-in-chief of our armed forces with remarkable capability.

Recent discussion surrounding Biden’s health has escalated, particularly in light of the speculation that he could embark on a re-election bid for a second term in 2024. Last Thursday, CNN declared that if successful in his campaign, by the time he leaves office at 86 years old – potentially becoming one of America’s oldest presidents to date.