Things To Expect On A Bike Tours Of NYC’s Central Park

Central Park

A trip to NYC is not complete unless you take the time to explore iconic Central Park.  This enchanting oasis covers 843 acres in the midst of urban sprawl.   A nature lover’s paradise and perfect for those seeking tranquillity or fun outdoor activities. Bike tours are the best way to explore this famous park and visit lush gardens, streams, lakes, bridges, fountains and unique monuments.

Here is a list of things you can expect with your bike tours of Central Park:

1Get fitted for a 2-hour ride

Bike tours in the park are generally a 2-hour excursion.  Before you take off, you’ll be fitted for a hybrid bike, a helmet and a park map to ensure you soak in all the wonderful  things the park has to offer.

2 A leisure exploration  

You’ll want to savor all that Central Park has to offer at a leisurely pace, and walking excursions may be too time-consuming, and not allow you to enjoy all the major points of interest in one day. Touring the park on a bike is the perfect solution and will let you stop and go at a pace that suits you best and also allows you to take advantage of all the photo ops available.

3A guided-tour

The best thing about bike tours is that you’re not on your own. You can follow the local guide along the scenic routes of the park and learn all there is to know. You won’t have problems going off-trail or getting lost, and the guide will pass on interesting trivia and information along the way, so you won’t miss a thing.

4A tour to learn about the history of the park  

Bike Tours

Central Park bike tours are much more than just good exercise and having fun.  You’ll love learning unique NYC history, first-hand. Your knowledgeable guide will narrate the tour through a speaker and help you chronicle all the monuments and attractions you pass. By the time the tour concludes, you’ll be an expert and know the park inside and out.

5Peddle past famous attractions 

Your tour will offer you an opportunity to see famous attraction up close, like, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, Cleopatra’s Needle, the Bethesda Fountain, Sheep Meadow and the Jackie Onassis Reservoir.   Learn little known facts and trivia.

6Admire art and architecture

See the apartment building where John Lennon once lived and learn about the park’s Beatles connection. You can also stop by to marvel at the stunning turrets of Belvedere Castle and admire the Egyptian obelisk of Cleopatra’s Needle. Your tour can also include a visit to the fragrant Shakespeare Garden and Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater.

7Take frequent stops to take photos

Tourists can stop as often as they like during their 7-miles bike tour to capture photos of special points of interest. You can stop at any place for photo ops of this beautiful gem right in the heart of NYC.

8Choose either a morning or afternoon tour

No need to worry about disturbing your sightseeing schedule. You can choose from either morning or afternoon tours.  Bike around the park on your terms at a pace that suits you best.   Come enjoy the park to the fullest!

Don’t miss bike tours as they are without doubt the best way to get the most out of the Central Park!