Blow Your Kid’s Mind With A Surprise ATV Christmas Gift

Blow Your Kid’s Mind With A Surprise ATV Christmas Gift

We all love to see the look on our children’s faces when they unwrap Santa’s presents and if you really want to blow your kid’s mind, why not give them the ultimate Christmas gift, an ATV? Only you know whether he or she is ready for a kid’s quad, which would have a 50cc engine that is governed down. If you think they’re ready, here are a few tips to help prepare the surprise of a lifetime.

Keeping It Under Wraps

Children are really smart and the only way to keep this a secret is to do your searching online while at work. Of course, you will need to discuss things with your partner and this can be done via email and neither of you should bring up quads at any time, you could even throw in a red herring by hinting at other gifts.

Quad Dealers

Unless you happen to live near an ATV dealership, the best way to source the machine is through the online dealer, who would have a range of kid’s quads, both new and used. We all know that quad biking for kids who love adventure will be such a surprise and you can have the dealer ship the bike to a friend’s house during the lead-up to Christmas, as you can’t keep something as big as an ATV a secret at home. Make sure you order soon, as Christmas is not that far away.

Getting The Quad Home

When your son or daughter is at school, you and a friend can bring the machine into the garage and surround it with cardboard, which can then be wrapped in Christmas paper. Don’t forget that big bow. Do all this on Christmas Eve, if possible, and make the garage a restricted area, then on Christmas morning, bring your child into the garage and make sure you video the event.


The first thing your child will want to do is ride the beast, so you best acquire the helmet, gloves and goggles they will need for a ride. You can get ATV gear from the dealer who sells the machines and they can ship the gear inside the crate, so riding can begin straight away.

Socks & School Stuff

If you would like to make the surprise even better, present your child with a gift of socks and school supplies and try to keep a straight face when they open the present. Just how long you wish to play the charade is entirely up to you, but all you need to do is ask your son or daughter to check if the garage light is off and the surprise can begin.

With great care, it is possible to spring the surprise of a lifetime by presenting your child with their very own ATV machine, and don’t forget to have someone film the event. Upload it onto your Facebook page and you are sure to get lots of likes.

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