Brendan Fraser delivers a moving speech after receiving his SAG Award

Brendan Fraser delivers a moving speech after receiving his SAG Award
Brendan Fraser

This year, Brendan Fraser earned the prestigious Best Actor accolade at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for his stirring performance in The Whale.

Receiving the award, Fraser said: “I appreciate this award very much, but it couldn’t be more valuable than the thing I kept in my wallet, which is the SAG  – Screen Actors Guild of America – card that I got in 1991. It made me feel like… I belong to the artist community.”

He continued, “As actors, we all want to belong to a tribe. And when I found where I belong, I found joy and stability. And if that man who I was then told me I would be standing here now, I wouldn’t believe him.”

And he added: “I never imagined that I would work with distinguished directors such as Darren Aronofsky, or say the deep, humane and inspiring words written by Samuel D. Hunter alongside my wonderful colleagues at work. I never imagined that I would get a story to present my best role in the character (Charlie ) . In the movie The Whale “.

He added, “I learned a lot from my role in the film, as Charlie’s character is someone who lives on the sidewalk of regret, but in a sea of ​​hope. I, too, passed that sea, and managed to deal with its good and strong waves, and sometimes the wave was stronger than me and swept me to the bottom of the sea, and made me wake up on a strange shore, and ask myself: Where am I now? So I want you all to know, if you stay in this profession and keep working hard, you are going to get what you want. Have courage!”

It is worth noting that the movie The Whale  represents a revival of Fraser’s career, which witnessed many successful stations in the nineties, before his artistic career deteriorated due to rumors of his depression, sexual assault, and hospitalization due to health problems.

In the same vein, Everything Everywhere All At Once won Best Picture, Michelle Yeoh won Best Lead Actress, and Jamie Lee Curtis won Best Supporting Actress .

The cast of ” Abbott Elementary ” won the award for best comedy series, while the cast of ” The White Lotus ” won the award for best drama series.

Winners were also announced in the categories of Best Actor and Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, Sam Elliott receiving the award for his role in “1883” and Jessica Chastain for her role in ” George & Tammy “