Did you know that the laser marking machine market is expected to generate over 4 billion by 2026? There are more industries using laser marking because of its many benefits. We have put together this guide sharing more information about the different laser marker machines and some of the top benefits that come with laser marker technologies.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of laser marking.

Laser Marking Machines

One of the laser machine options is a gas laser. This type of laser uses a mixture of some type of gas (usually CO2) to emit light. One of the pros of gas lasers is that they accommodate organic materials. A con is that they are not as precise as a fiber laser or a solid-state laser option.

Another option is a fiber laser which uses rare earth elements in order to emit light spontaneously. This is a great option for high volume industrial applications and inorganic materials.

A solid-state laser uses neodymium as its medium, along with in-beam laser marking applications. This is the best option for faster markings, but of course, this is the most expensive laser to choose from.


One of the top benefits of opting for laser marking is that it is a green alternative. Laser marking does not use a lot of extra chemicals or extra materials.

Another pro is that laser markings are precise and accurate. Even if you have fine details a reputable company such as lasitlaser.com will have zero problems meeting your needs.

If you are looking for marks that last no matter what, then laser marking is the way to go. These marks are either burned or etched and they can never be accidentally washed off. Laser markings are also resistant to any solvents that it comes in contact with.

You also have the option of choosing either semi-permanent or permanent markings. If you are etching on something like a decorative element then the marking can be semi-permanent instead of completely permanent.

Also, laser markings can be used on a bunch of different materials. Whether you have fabrics, alloys, metals, or paper you can have a laser mark etched on it.

Opting for other cutting or engraving methods might not be as effective if you want something a bit more permanent.

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Feeling Like a Laser Marking Pro?

We hope that now that you know the ins and outs of laser marking, you can make an informed decision whether or not this is the best method for your business or personal needs. Laser markings are becoming more popular in the medical, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industry. They offer clear identification of components and important parts without having to worry about altering or interfering with the parts’ performance.

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