What is a fiber laser marking machine?

Are you planning on buying yourself a fiber laser marking machine? It might be a requirement of your business and you may be in need of laser cutting on a regular basis. However, if you want to get this job done under your nose, you need to buy a suitable fiber laser marking machine and have a skilled worker to do the work for you.

Usually, the companies that manufacture electronics and a few medical sectors are in need of such machines to make their products. You might have come across the non-contact laser marking process which is well known for many reasons in the modern-day industry. Some of these include durability and readability.

What is a fiber laser marking machine?

A fiber laser marking machine is a machine that gives you a chance to mark your components. Usually, the electronic boards we use in the modern day are all marked to be cut and placed precisely.

So, you need a good fiber laser marking machine to do the job for you. In the modern era, the non-contact laser marking machines are known for their durability and high-temperature resistance.

They can assist you in a number of different instances and mark a product without any toxic ink, solvent, or acid.

How to choose a good fiber laser machine?

Knowing the benefits won’t be enough when you go out in the market to buy a good machine. There are a number of other factors that you must consider.

Beam quality

First of all, you need to know about the beam quality. It is one of the critical parameters that impact how a laser is processed. The processing of beam quality matters a lot because it directly links with the resolution and better quality of the end product.

Moreover, a good beam can be focused in a better way on a particular optical spot which can be as small as 20 microns or even more.

Also, the high-quality bean becomes very suitable for dealing with materials including silicon and aluminum. One can even cut stainless steel with it.

Single or multi-mode

Another factor that you need to consider as you buy a suitable fiber laser marking machine is the laser firing mode. Usually, it is a single fire or a multi-mode. The former delivers a narrow and high-intensity beam which you may focus on a tiny spot.

On the other hand, the latter is used to deal with diameters that are bigger than 25 microns. While multi-mode allows for the beaming on larger components, the single-mode gives you a more precise and high-quality beam.

Mark resolution

Another critical factor when we discuss laser marking is the mark resolution. The machine that you are choosing must be able to come to a particular size for marking and specific quality.

Generally, you get machines that provide marking the resolution of about 1064nm which can give you a chance to cut up to 18 microns.

Beam steering

Beam steering is another important aspect of a laser marking machine. When you are marking and cutting, you need to consider how you’ll be moving the beam around. The two common options you get are galvanometer and gantry.

The former is a galvanometer based system where there are two mirrors that can oscillate the beam back and forth. On the other hand, there is a gantry system where you can steer the beam with the help of the mirrors that are mounted along the long linear axes.


Last but not least, you need to take a good look at the software that is on offer when you buy a laser marking machine. The software has to be easy to use and you must be able to get the file types and marking as you like. There are a number of different functions associated with these modern-day machines and most of them come from the software.


So, this is what a laser marking machine can do for you and how to buy a suitable fiber laser marking machine. Before you finalize the choice, you must be certain that the machine satisfies all your needs and can help you do the job easily, smoothly, and precisely.


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