Britney Spears’ father breaks his silence over custody case

Britney Spears father breaks his silence over custody case

After over a decade of silence, Jamie Spears is finally speaking out about his 13-year old daughter’s custody case and the part he plays in it. He has proclaimed that taking on this role was crucial for her future.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jamie Spears expressed his gratitude for being able to save Britney’s life and career through conservatorship all those years ago. He also highlighted her return to music and performances as a result of his efforts. Without him, he was not sure if she would have survived.

In November 2021, a Los Angeles judge ended the guardianship following Britney Spears’ emotional testimony in summer of that year. She declared it was abusive and sought its dissolution. Following her statement, she was permitted to consult an attorney for the first time ever – leading to a full review of the supposed mistreatment. The entire hearing lasted less than thirty minutes!

After the FreeBritney movement spent over a decade and fans speculated that Britney Spears was not content, an official court order finally liberated her from custody.

Currently, Britney Spears is residing in Los Angeles with her husband Sam Asghari; a professional model. In April of this year, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together- only to regrettably share just one month later that it was not meant to be as she had endured a miscarriage. On top of this difficult reality check, she also has two sons: Jayden and Preston from her past marriage with Kevin Federline.

Jimmy Spears maintains his daughter’s relationship with her two children

The father adamantly stated that he wouldn’t paint a rosy picture, but the court order safeguarded Britney through tough times. “For her safety and the children’s as well, guardianship was an invaluable instrument. Without it, I don’t think she would have regained custody of her kids,” he said in acknowledgement. It has been an arduous journey so far; however I love my daughter with all my being – where would Britney be right now without that guardianship?

As part of the custody settlement, Britney Spears was granted visitation rights to her two sons by an agreement between her father and ex-husband Kevin Federline – who previously held full authority over their children – so that they could see their mom.

Jamie expressed his intense longing for Preston and Jayden, as he had formerly gotten physical with one of them during an altercation. The situation is still rather precarious; however, Jimmy has been in contact with their father Kevin Federline once again and anticipates rejoining the family soon. Additionally astonishing was his comment that it was himself and Kevinc who mainly raised the children – thus explaining why the separation from them caused him so much pain.

Jimmy Spears defends custody of his daughter

In spite of the numerous charges made by Britney, her legal team and devoted fans who vocally supported #FreeBritney on social media, Jamie Spears maintains that nobody is privy to what really happened. Refusing to publicly refute any one of Britney’s assertions – ranging from being monitored under surveillance to allegedly overmedicating/quarantining herself – he continues steadfast in his decision knowing it enables Britney a chance at leading an ordinary life again while rescued from financial hardship.

According to Jamie Spears, the conservatorship was instrumental in amassing his daughter’s finances because she previously had no money. He further explained: “My primary goal as her guardian is to help her reclaim control of her life and reintegrate into society, so that she can live a normal life again. I believe I have made an impactful difference.”

Views on the issue of guardianship

Despite the disagreements of observers on the outside, in January 2019 Britney canceled her Vegas show. Soon after, she was admitted to a psychiatric facility, sparking rumors that her father had placed her under his guardianship without consent. The FreeBritney movement also claimed that this custodianship inhibited the singer’s freedom and autonomy.

When asked about the allegations, Jamie Spears expressed his frustration with the media and questioned why Britney’s attorney would not know what is true. He desperately wanted to ensure that his daughter did “not end up going into a hole more than she used to.”