For the first time… Brooke Shields reveals she was raped

Brooke Shields reveals she was raped

International star Brooke Shields , 57, revealed for the first time that she was raped in her twenties, while she was looking for a work of art to participate in.

In the documentary “Pretty Baby”, which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the star explained that she struggled to find work after graduating from Princeton University in 1987, and was very confused.

One of her acquaintances, taking advantage of her confusion and loss, invited her to dine with him and discuss a role for her in a new movie.

In the documentary, Shields recollected her experience, saying “I assumed it was going to be a business meeting. I knew this man from before and he had been very kind.”

She went on, “At dinner, he didn’t speak to me about any art pieces and I soon realized his behavior was odd. Thus, I told him that it would be best if I got a private cab back home.”

Brooke said the man insisted on calling a taxi from his hotel room and then disappeared for some time, before appearing naked and throwing himself at me.

Brooke Shields

She explained that she had many fears at that moment, and she was afraid that this person would suffocate or harm her. She added, “These thoughts came into my head, so I didn’t resist much, I just froze and thought that I had to stay alive, and get out of this situation physically healthy.”

Shields did not reveal the name of the alleged man and explained that she then called a taxi and cried all the way to her boyfriend’s apartment.