Video .. A bus driver and a passenger open fire on each other after the “station argument

A bus driver and a passenger open fire

Transportation authorities said, in Charlotte, North Carolina, that a bus driver and two passengers opened fire on each other earlier this month, injuring them.

The incident began when a passenger, identified by authorities as Omari Sheriff Tobias, got up while the passenger bus was in motion and asked the driver to let him get off between the designated bus stops. 

Transportation authorities said in a statement that the driver, David Vollard, told Tobias he would have to wait until the next approved stop. After two minutes of conversation, Tobias pulled out a gun and pointed it at Vollard. 

She added, “Folard, on the other hand, also pulled out a firearm,” according to CNN .

Moments later, the two men shot each other. Tobias was shot in the stomach, while the driver was shot in the arm. 

Video of the armed confrontation shows Follard shooting, while the bus is in progress, Tobias, who has drawn his gun, while the latter also shoots. 

As Tobias crawls wounded towards the back of the bus, where the other two passengers on the bus are also seen moving, Vollard fires again from the bus aisle. 

The statement stated that the other two passengers who were on the bus were unharmed, adding that Vollard and Tobias are in stable condition, and they are expected to recover from the injury. 

The Charlotte Police Department said in a news release that Tobias was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, causing serious injury, making threats, and concealed carrying a firearm. 

It is not clear whether charges will be filed against Vollard, according to “CNN”. 

But the network quoted a spokesman for the bus company, Brandon Hunter, that Vollard was fired from work, as the company’s workplace policy prohibits the possession of a firearm or other weapons while on duty or on company property, and employees can be laid off after the first breach of these policies. 

According to the company, Follard did not follow the proper protocol. The company suggests that it would have been more appropriate for Follard to let the suspect or passenger off the bus before reaching the next bus stop as a means of de-escalating the situation.

On the other hand, the driver’s lawyer told CNN, “Vollard was a dedicated employee and worked as a driver for more than 19 years,” noting that several company employees were assaulted or shot during their work and that it was repeatedly called for to strengthen security measures for drivers. 

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