Buses full of immigrants in front of the home of the US Vice President

They were “expelled” from Republican-controlled states (video)

Buses full of immigrants

US officials in Washington D.C. were shocked to find buses filled with immigrants outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ home on the night of Christmas Eve, despite the bitter cold temperatures. This surprising event was reported by US media outlets this past Sunday, December 25th 2022.

Kamala Harris, who has resided at the United States Naval Observatory since 1974, encountered on December 24 when immigrants were transported to the site from Texas and disembarked from busses in front of her home. This event was covered by “ABC News” network which documented this extraordinary occurrence.

A CNN report also indicated that some immigrants were not dressed appropriately, amid a wave of deadly cold that the United States has been witnessing for days, killing at least 35 people. 

While one of the organizations dealing with immigrant affairs (Mutual Aid Network for Solidarity with Migrants) said that it had transported immigrants who were in three buses to a nearby church to provide them with the necessary supplies. 

While the pioneers of social networking sites published a video showing the process of transferring the immigrants to the church. Amy Fisher, one of the network’s organizers, said: “Washington is showing that it is a city that welcomes (immigrants) and that it is ready and with open arms.” 

Among the arrivals were asylum seekers from Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia, according to Fisher, who told CNN that the buses were supposed to go to New York, but were diverted to the capital because of the weather.

Despite uncertainty of the originator behind sending immigrants to this area, it is known that in the past certain Republican governors have sent these people to cities under Democratic rule. As an example, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott dispatched immigrants to Washington and New York as a form of demonstration against how President Joe Biden’s administration deals with immigration matters.

It should be noted that last September, Abbott admitted that his state sent two buses of immigrants to a neighborhood near the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris. Busloads of immigrants have been arriving in Washington every week since April.

While Fisher of the Mutual Aid Network for Solidarity with Immigrants believes that the recent buses are a political trick from the Republican politician, she adds that what happened really shows “Abbott’s cruelty” and his insistence on continuing to transport people, without securing the minimum requirements for them.

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