We are all aware of the fact that buyer personas are very integral in creating successful and targeted content marketing strategies. However, most only a few marketers know the importance of having a good buyer persona. It involves too many complicated processes, such as collecting data that takes a lot of time and hard work to create them.

What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas are groups or categories of your client and a potential client. A buyer persona resurfaces according to essential traits that drive buying behavior. It also manifests the real characteristics and attributes that drive buying conduct. Thus, setting up your buyer persona will help you create better and cater to the needs of your audience.

All the fictional characters that you create are all reliant on real data, combined and gathered in a way that represents how someone may always use your service or site. Having this point of convergence, it helps you to produce quality and targeted content that will lead to an increase in sales or conversions.

Personas should always not be limited to the process of content creation. Instead, they should still be used throughout the development and process, as well.

Why is it Important?

A buyer persona has always been the methodology of most large and expansive companies. It is winding up progressively and is very useful and helpful for smaller online retailers. There are a couple of reasons and explanations behind it.

In the first place, as online space is becoming tighter and congested, it’s ending up progressively essential to have an ultra-focused strategy on advertisements and communications.

Consider this one; Facebook’s paid publicizing and advertising now takes into consideration the unbelievable measure of cutting-edge focusing based on information and data like age, location, language, educational interests, and level. Without precedent in history, even with a little budget allocation and as a new online store, you can reach a particular audience base.

Content is Key

Make sure that your content and everything on your website matches the buyer persona of your choice. If you’re using articles for content, make sure they have the right word count by using an online word count tool. Content should also be checked for accuracy and freshness of topics. These tips in making content can help you rank higher in search engines, which can make your site more visible to potential clients elsewhere.

Facebook Insights

One of the many advantages of making a unique Facebook Page for your business is to utilize or make use of Facebook Insights. This tool provides you a good data source for different types of data about the number of people who visit your page and click on your Facebook ads. You can always see the census of Facebook users who are actively engaging with your page by commenting on your ads or posts.

A little bit of knowledge and information encourages you to show signs of improvement and a better understanding of your audience that associates and interacts with your current posts and enables you to change your information for higher obligation on future posts. By utilizing the data from Facebook analytics, you can make buyer personas given age gathering, gender, and area.

If you want to get more insights and knowledge into the propensities for your Facebook audience, you can exploit a surveying or polling application, which you can install on your Page. These surveying tools enable you to remove the mystery of your online audience inclinations and approach them for their suppositions directly.

If you already have just created buyer personas for your image and brand, Facebook will also allow and enables you to focus on your advertisements and sponsored posts from a particular group of audience.


Your buyer persona will always change as you learn some new information as your own business grows. With a defined buyer persona, your communication has a better chance of improving.

From the increasing engagement on your social media, you are taking the time to define your buyer personas. It can also help your online business improve by understanding and knowing better your customers.