California and other states.. A strong snow storm hits the American West

A strong snow storm hits the American West
the storm caused a number of roads to blocked / Social Media

On Sunday, a powerful winter storm drenched parts of Southern California with over seven inches of rain while forecasts predicted several feet of snow in select regions from the mountains to the Midwest.

The US National Weather Service sounded the alarm that this storm will rage across the West, demonstrating its prowess as it approaches blizzard status in a matter of days. This news was reported by USA Today.

A tumultuous weather system is forecasted to make its way from Colorado to Minnesota between Monday and Wednesday, bringing along blustery gales, a flurry of snowflakes, and icy showers.

The weather service warned that the upcoming snowstorm will have a major effect on many regions of the country.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, and demand for travel skyrocketing, she warned: “Travel may become impossible.”

According to the Highway Patrol, a stretch of California Highway 89 had been closed off due to heavy snowfall in and around Lake Tahoe.

According to the National Weather Service, up to a staggering 5 feet of snow is expected in some areas across the Sierra Nevada mountain range this weekend.

Portions of I-80 and other regional roads have also been closed.

Over the past few days, up to 48 inches of snow has blanketed the Greater Lake Tahoe area according to the National Weather Service. Consequently,

The service cautioned of hazardous road conditions in the foothills and Sierra Nevada Mountains that will sustain until early Monday, with a probability for up to two feet of extra snowfall. Nearby Lake Tahoe experienced a power outage affecting over 22,000 customers on Sunday night.

The region is still under a winter storm warning and temperatures could plummet beneath freezing levels overnight, so exercise caution.

In Southern California, some regions of Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties experienced a whopping 7 inches or more of rainfall, according to the weather service.

In Los Angeles County, more than four inches of precipitation fell in certain places. Areas of southwestern California were particularly deluged with local rainfall rates reaching up to an inch per hour! A number of locations experienced total rainfall accumulation as high as three inches.

Due to the combination of severe drought and prior bushfires, flash floods and mudflows had become a major concern in the region.

As the National Weather Service reported, San Luis Obispo County experienced highly intense rainfall coupled with fierce gusts of wind reaching 80 mph on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, a widespread power outage occurred in the county that left all phone and emergency services disrupted. According to the Grover Beach Police Department, this was caused by multiple downed power lines.

The National Weather Service is cautioning individuals in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas of the potential for hazardous weather conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Be sure to check your local forecast before venturing outdoors!

According to the weather service, intense thunderstorms may bring tornadoes, destructive winds and hail.

As the winter storm departs from northern California and northwest Nevada, temperatures are forecast to plummet near freezing for this week’s overnight hours according to the weather service.