Cameron Diaz’s sudden retirement… What is the reason?

This time, the world famous star and actress, Cameron Diaz, announced her complete retirement from Hollywood.

In the details, a close friend of the famous star, Cameron, revealed her intention not to return to Hollywood again and her decision not to do any new cinematic work due to her feeling tired due to the long filming days that keep her away from her husband, Benji Madden, and their little girl, Radix.

Cameron, 50, officially decided to retire from Hollywood in 2018, but her close friend, Jamie Foxx, 55, persuaded her to return to co-star in Back In Action.

Then things got a little complicated regarding this movie, after problems occurred on the filming site in the United Kingdom, which resulted in Jimmy dispensing with the services of 3 people whose task was to supervise the works there.

The source close to the famous actress confirmed that there is no disagreement between her and Jamie, but she will not return to the world of cinema after completing her current project, due to the difficult times she spends away from her family and her hatred of the quarrels and confrontations that occur in the filming locations.

The source told the Daily Mail exclusively, “These 10-hour days are stressing her out, and she doesn’t like being away from her three-year-old, Radix. And the truth is.” Cameron loves being a mother more than anything else in the world.”

This source continued, “Cameron hates heated atmospheres and confrontations. This is what prompted her to retire from the field in the first place. She has already proven herself as an actress and has nothing to prove to anyone.”

And Cameron decided about 5 years ago to move away from Hollywood and stop participating in the movie business tournament because she wanted to spend more time with her husband, Benji.

The couple received their only daughter in December 2019, and since then they have kept the details of their private lives as much as possible, due to their desire to live a quiet life with their newborn.


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